【ENDURANCE】Rear Sets Kit

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Price: ฿16,350
Webike Points: 164

Applicable Models:

CBR250RR(2017-) 17-21 (17.5-)[MC51-1000001-]

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Color: Black/Aluminum
Material: Aluminum

Back: 10/Up: 35
Back: 10/Up: 50
Back: 25/Up: 35
Back: 25/Up: 50


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Therefore, the delivery date to be notified after receiving your order will be a guide, which may result in delay or order cancellation.


It is a sporty position with high operability without finding a cramped position by searching for optimal positions through repeated run tests.
It adopts a bearing on the shaft part of the pedal, achieving a smooth shift feeling.

It has anodized treatment on each part, making the main parts double anodized specifications, there is a sense of quality also looks good, is also ideal for dressing up.
It is possible to use it with general public road because it can use as it is OEM brake hose, master cylinder, brake lamp switch.
It can also be installed as it is on vehicles with ABS.

Applicable Models

    • CBR250RR(2017-) 17-21 (17.5-)[MC51-1000001-]


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    I like colors.. For me with a height of 180 cm and torso length I felt it was difficult to ride because the distance between Handlebar and footpeg was too close in NORMAL, so I looked for an item that corresponds to ABS. In my case, 35mm Up of 25mmBack was a good feeling. Because Pedal's position and angle can also be adjusted, Shift feeling is good, Brake can also be used without discomfort, I am satisfied.

    Texture, coloring is unquestionable.
    It is necessary to adjust a little Bracket angle of Brake switch.
    (PliersorPliersetc. So, I will bend a little.. )
    Return is a little weak, so purchase UniversalReturnSpring together and in the Master cylinder
    I recommend installing.
    The footpeg position is in 4 stages, and it can be easily adjusted even after installation.
    The price is a bit high, but there is a sense of quality and I am satisfied.

    The Normal step position of Z 125 is a bit earlier, somewhat cramped at the Riding Position and I tried purchasing the first Rear Sets.
    Not to do Race, mainly because it is town ride center so do not ask for extreme high performance, flashy so choose Endurance with the preference of Simple, Compact, Design!
    Products of other Manufacturer are as high as 4 - 50 thousand and it is impossible to purchase budgetarily! (There is performance of that price!
    At the center of town riding, it solves the cramped feeling of Riding Position, with a feeling that if you feel a little better operation feeling!
    Is there a limit on my budget for me in the mid 30,000 yen?
    However, footpeg position can be arbitrarily chosen for 10 mUp footpeg position of 100 mm 115 mm Back, 100 mm 115 mm Back, replacement work can also be exchanged and installable with comfortable manuals with photograph & Illustration even with novices even with beginners!
    Texture, function, etc.. It is over average Level!
    It can be said that it is difficult, it depends on preference, but there is no Heel Guard! Footpeg is Fixed Type. Compact minute a little Large If you are shoes or Boots, you may get cramped impression on operation!
    It is a satisfactory product that can be satisfied even taking them into account!
    Afterwards it is worth considering if the budget, Design fits your liking!

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