【KITACO】Power Output Harness

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Applicable Models:

NINJA400 14-21 EX400G

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Harness for 12V Power Supply
Insertion Point: Fault Diagnosis System Connector
with Mark Tube (KITACO Original)


*Please do not used it for high power consumption connection products (amp, compressor etc.).
*It uses CA/CB 103 (Honda) female bullet type for the bullet type terminal of the harness.
*The product on the photo is model: Z125 PRO.
*It contains other type on the photo.


It can take out ACC (+), earth (-) only by inserting it into the designated coupler, which matches each manufacturer's model to secure power supply necessary for charging, such as mobile phone of daily necessities.
It is a harness that can be taken out for accessories by relaying it to the coupler of the vehicle body.
It can take out the power supply such as USB power supply and ETC smartly.
The wiring work can be done smoothly because it has all original power supply harness harness with original mark tube.

[Mounting Method (In the case of Z125 PRO)]
It removes the cap of the 4P waterproof under the seat.
It connects the power extraction harness to the waterproof coupler that has been removed. The USB power supply etc. to be used is connected to ACC (+) GND (-) and the work is over.

Applicable Models

    • NINJA400 14-21 EX400G


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    Buy with YZF-R25 to power the Doreco.
    It's easy to connect to the Coupler, so where you can not hurt Wiring
    Was it good, but the installed plug receptacle is Small?
    The plug does not easily get in and it spreads out with Driver and managed somehow.
    Well it's just a matter of replacing the Bullet Terminal.
    The essential dorareko is working normally.

    When it interrupted the Harness of Rear brake, the indication of Plus and Minus is opposite, and there is no need for Meter to give an error indication.
    I can not believe it.

    I bought it to install USB power supply to NINJA 2 Helmet 50R.
    Installation was easy and could be installed easily.
    However, if it can take as long as it takes time to find a terminal to be interrupted, if you can specify the position of the terminal on the Manufacturer's Site and check the length of Cable,

    The Kitaco Power Output Harness DOSE NOT FIT HONDA MSX125G 2016. This is the seccond Kitaco part BROUGHT for my GROM and the plugs on the Kitaco Power Output Harness are completely different from any electrical plugs on my 2016 GROM. The instructions even show a piture of 2016 GROM and were to fit the Harness. Complete waste of money. I have brought 3 Kitaco parts to fit my GROM and NONE of them have fitted my 2016 GROM. Shame Kitaco shame.

    When attaching to z125, I had difficulty in removing Harness cover on Body side. It is very convenient to easily take out the ACC power supply with just the Coupler connection. I use the Grip heater connected to the power taken out from here, but it is used without particular problems.

    Until now USB etc. Although it had taken out from Fuse to secure the power supply of Fuse, it did not close the lid of the Fuse box and closed the lid casually so as not to cut or cut the lid a little, but there is a possibility of Short, This product is simply easy to plug into the Coupler of NORMALWiring It is saved by Large that you can secure power with easy operation!
    Cospa is also friendly to Large innocence!

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