【BODY STYLE】front fender extension

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Price: ฿1,820
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Applicable Models:

SV 650 16-21 WCX0/WCX1

SV 650 X 18-21 WCX0/WCX1

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Material: ABS plastic
Color: Matte black
Assembly: Ready to install (all parts included)


* The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.


It may take more than one month to deliver the product because it is an overseas product. Please understand beforehand.
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BODYSTYLE's Front Fender Extensions are manufactured from matte black high strength ABS plastic to extend your original front fenders and protect your motor and radiator from mud and rocks.
Extensions are paintable and easy to install.

Applicable Models

    • SV 650 16-21 WCX0/WCX1
    • SV 650 X 18-21 WCX0/WCX1


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    The product seems to be made from decent quality plastic and is molded to fit the front fender of the 2017 Suzuki SV650 ABS. Instructions included are in German and comes with 4 tiny snap-on fasteners which need to be drilled onto the fender. Not wanting to drill holes, I instead attached the mudguard using the 3 double sided-tape already attached to product, although I think that wouldn't suffice so I stuck more 3M double-sided tape for extra insurance. In hindsight, epoxy would've probably worked better. Time will tell if this thing holds. IMHO, this product is over-priced for what it is.

    I tried buying it by comparing the price with the competitor's product.
    Paper File, adhesive, cleaning cloth was also included.
    It is satisfying to purchase cheaply because there is no Large in the function.

    It is necessary to drill the existing Fender and process the attachment part of the Brake line fixing Gold tool.
    If you are not confident, you may as well leave it to PRO!
    How to get dirty by rain running will be considerably reduced.
    Looks also seemed to have come from the beginning!

    After attaching to the Front, Rear is also concerned ,,,,,
    I tried it on Rear!
    For explanation, there is for Front,
    Rear is also Exactly.

    I'm still happy with it.

    In accordance with the Motorcycle, it was just making, it was Exactly. Design is also good.
    I attach it with Double-sided Tape, but since there are only a few Tapes attached from the beginning, I attached a super powerful tape and attached it.
    I did a Tour of 1000 km, but I arrived safely!

    I think that the price is higher than Material.
    However, I think that it will be cheaper if it is JAPAN,
    I also think that this design can not be done.

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