【ZETA】Revolver Shift Lever

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Price: ฿2,367
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Applicable Models:


D Tracker 01-16

KLX250 01-16

250SB 02-06

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[Color] Red
Tip Mount: A7079 Material
Arm Part: Forged A2014 Material


* The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.


*Please make sure to apply the screw locking agent and tighten it well when changing the chip position.
*Please use the same shape with the corresponding list during replacement chip mounting. There are case that it will interfere to the engine case cover when mounting different shape.


It adopts to rotational type tip, and it is possible to choose from the 6-stages of position!
It is possible to adjust the tip position of 6-stages including the standard position.
It is possible to choose which suit to your shift feeling.
The tip mount uses A7079 material, and it carries out high precision machine processing.
The knurled tip is not slippery.
The arm part is a high strength and durable which adopts to a forged A2014 mateiral.

Applicable Models

    • 250SB 02-06


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    I wanted to switch from before, but with the Brake Side the price will be as it is ...
    I bought it because it was on Sale.

    Replacement is 8 mm Wrench only
    Although I look satisfied well with appearance,
    It is not good that the setting did not have Blue ...

    * Tip Always apply the Screw lock agent and tighten securely when changing the position.

    - - - Also before Bolt stopping Silver in the LINK section,
    Dare to remove it "Screw stopper" To keep thoroughly in mind, I
    I will recommend it! - - - Why, why?

    Out of the highway "Bran" Because it was (^. ^)y-.. o ○
    No, I was quite at a loss. (I thought of what to do ^ ^;;)

    I pulled the Seat with inspiration Disconnected Screw and replaced it for the moment.
    If it were this, there is one more, so even if you run off again
    I already have "One Chance". (^_-) - ☆

    I think that things are good, and Length of LINK is
    Because it becomes a little longer than Standard, a method of shifting the stop position by one
    Clear it is perfect! It seems that just a little lightened
    I also feel it.. Is it due to this LINK ratio? (Mystery)

    Well, DIY is a human's self-responsibility who did it perfectly
    Do not get rid of it. Let's have a spare Screw (^^) /

    Because of the compatibility between WidePeg and NORMALShift, Tip did not come to the desired position.
    So buy a fine tuning here. It is a candy that matched FootBrake of the same Brand first.
    As a result, it became a satisfactory position for both Sitting and Standing, making operation easier.
    Although I experienced a hard fall many times after wearing, I do not see any disadvantage of Foldable. Is it only luck?
    The point that Tip classes are prepared with Single Item is also a valuable point for me who is totally incompatible.

    I heard that it is more difficult to bend than the OEM and installed it.
    Installation was the same as OEM and there was no problem.
    It is regrettable that there was only Red.
    I have not figured out yet so I do not know the strength, but since Parenthesis got better, it was good.

    Although it is my own preference issue, I always thought that I do not like ZETA's Anodized color, but I always thought that it was something we did not manage anyhow, but since this time it was a hurry, I bought it.
    I tried using it thought that it would be better to deduct that it was better to drag the NORMAL 's Shift Pedal that I used until the last minute corrected bending and it was too bad, but I feel stiff, so Shift feeling is It was good.
    Although the Damage at the time of falling is also Dirt running, there is no deformation compared with NORMAL etc etc etc. What happened.
    Just when a strong force is applied as the rigidity has increased, the possibility of Damage to the Shift shaft can not be denied.
    Actually I was thinking that the hits were bad, I think that the fatigue was overlapped when the original overuse was hit, but it was broken when the fall took place a few times.

    In my case, the usage situation was a bit special, so it may be better to deduct a little.
    It is not a part that complains at least using ordinary.

    Y's Gear's Footpeg and Best Matching.
    Just by shifting ArmShaft's Serration position one by one, the Shift position gets Large.
    Since the foot is Small at the Standard position, a little Shift peg and Shift position are distant.
    TipMount is short.

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