【POLISPORT】Front Fender

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Price: ฿1,275
Webike Points: 13

Applicable Models:

RR 350 12-19 4ST

RR 300 12-19 2ST

RR 250 12-19 2ST

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[Color] White

Injection-molded quality plastic components with a perfect OEM fit.
Exact replica of stock OEM plastic components but stronger
Inexpensive alternative to OEM replacement parts.
Stock color match with less fade
Glossy and flexible
Impact and abrasion resistant
Less prone to scratching or marking
Packaged in a printed plastic bag

[Reference Translation]
It is a high quality Plastic part of injection molding with perfect OEM compatibility.
It is an exact duplication of stock OEMPlastic parts, but it is more robust.
It is an inexpensive alternative to OEM replacement parts.
The fade is less stock color match.
Gloss and Flexibility
Impact Resistance and Abrasion Resistance.
It is difficult for scratches and markings to occur.
It is packed in a printed plastic bag.


On the web motorcycle show special page, you can see [POLISPORT:PolySport]!


*The Japanese instruction manual are not included.


Front Fender Polisport's front fenders are produced with Polisport's exclusive technology - DGP (durable gloss polypropylene) - making them more durable with a perfect combination of resistance and flexibility. On top of that the Polisport replica plastics have a glossy finish and colors that perfectly match the stock parts and make your dirt bike look great!

R&G Aero Crash protectors features our stylish, aerodynamic Aero Bobbins and are available in Black or White options
Front Fender Polisport's front fenders are manufactured with Polisport's exclusive DGP (Durable Glossy Polypropylene) technology, the perfect combination of durability and longevity for increased durability!. Plus, Polisport's replica plastics come in glossy finishes and colors that perfectly match the stock parts and make your dirt bike look beautiful!

Applicable Models

    • RR 350 12-19 4ST
    • RR 300 12-19 2ST
    • RR 250 12-19 2ST
    • RR 450 12-19 4ST
    • RR 400 12-19 4ST


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    สินค้าคุภาพดี ระบบการส่งดี สินค้าสวย

    Completed installation for CR for CRM 250 RK.
    I knew that the shade was different but UFO UFORed was missing at the time of ordering, so I misunderstood that the color was darkly fluorescent after purchasing Challenge. But I feel like I can use it somehow. But exchange to the UFO is planned.

    Purchased for 89 year CRM 250R. There is no problem in size and shape. CR knew that there was fluorescent red in the year but purchased items were compatible items. Since the shape I wanted was only this item, the color was compromised. Obtaining old car RestoreParts is difficult!

    Stone rises from FenderFront, diverted to D-TRACKER 125.

    The photograph is a representative photograph, the real thing has a protrusion of a triangle in front of the attachment part, it hits the lower part of Headlight and it is struggling to install.
    If it is a vehicle format of display, I think that it is surely a product with no problems at all.

    It is a very cool product than the photo, but I bought it because I trusted the photo, so it is a disappointing result.
    I hope to publish accurate photos so that they can be posted.

    Purchase the cheapest one to divert to another car.
    Product photograph seems to be the representative photograph, the shape is quite different.
    Specifically, there are triangular large projections in the part under the Headlight of Center.
    It is very good-looking but since it is diverted this part could interfere and could not be installed.

    Since the quality is good, it seems that there is no problem for those who exchange OEM.

    It installed in 250 SB. It became bigger than OEMFender, but it became considerably better than the OEM I was up to.
    Installation is to remove OEM Fender and change Color, but it did not fit smoothly. I extended the hole with 8 mm Drill lightly and stretched the color and mounted it with Bolt - on, but since there is only a few millimeters of clearance between the back of the Fender and the Frame, the rear Quantity : When 2 pc was removed and two Flat Washers and a thin Sponge were bitten between Stem and Fender and installed, a considerable gap was created between Fender and Frame.
    At the same time I installed a Poly sports made Front License Plate.
    By the way delivery time took about 2 months.

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