【LSL】Adjustable Brake Lever

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Price: ฿7,408
Webike Points: 74

Applicable Models:

Ninja300 (NINJA300) 13-18

GROM (Grom 125) 13-20

CBR400R 13-20 (NC47)

CBR250R 11-17 (MC41)

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Material :aluminum (Al)
Country of Origin :Germany


* The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.


*All dial positions may not be available depending on the car model.
*Adjustment while driving is dangerous.Please note.
*It may take some time to order imported products.
*When the clutch lever is set to the dial position 5 or 6 of the adjusting mechanism and the clutch lever is fully depressed, the lever may interfere with the switch box.
*When installing and operating the LSL standard lever on vehicles with hand protectors, the lever may interfere with the lever end protectors.Short Trevor Recommendation.


The LSL lever is made to produce the best performance in terms of shape, texture and molding, and can be adjusted in six different ways to suit the size of your hand.
The clutch lever can be set 4 positions to the front and 1 position to the rear compared to the stock lever.
The brake lever can be set to one position at the front and four positions at the rear compared to the factory lever.
Ball bearings are used in the adjustment mechanism.Brass is used for the inside of the bearing to ensure reliable operation with moderate movement.

Applicable Models


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