【WirusWin】Backrest Kit

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Bracket Material: Stainless Steel
Included Parts: WirusWin Sticker


It support a comfortable feeling and safe to the passenger because it uses a large backrest compared to other manufacturers.
The original backrest is firm, durable, and has good appearance because is its produced from molding.
It does not have a touch and it matches very naturally because it uses a seat material similar to a STD seat for the surface material.
It has a 2-types of sizes, such as large size and small size. The large size is for a big scooter bigger than 250cc as a standard with the size as before, and the small size is ideal for small scooters of m such as 125cc.

The material of bracket is made of stainless steel with high durability and corrosion resistance. It has a WirusWin sticker.
It is especially recommended for those who want to enhance tandem with a low budget and wants a simple customize.

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    Immediately after installation it was possible to use without problems.
    About 3 months after around the step after construction etc.. And the noise is (Backrest was not the cause at that time) Occurrence.
    Consult with the shop about 5 months or so.
    Because there was a Wound in the OEMPillion Bar, when I removed it at the store's Ad Vise, the noise became gone.
    Apparently, every time Bolt crossed a step, a part of Backrest's Bolt touched the Pillion Bar causing a strange sound.
    It seems to be difficult for durability.
    Whether it is an individual difference or not is unknown.

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