【POLISPORT】Rear Fender

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Price: ฿1,071
Webike Points: 11

Applicable Models:

KX 250F 17-20

KX 450F 16-20

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[Color] Black


On the web motorcycle show special page, you can see [POLISPORT:PolySport]!

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*The attached instruction manual are written in English.

Applicable Models

    • KX 250F 17-20
    • KX 450F 16-20


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    I was looking for Fender to make Rear of XRBAJA a modern day, but none are high.
    So, if this product conforming to XR 250 R can be installed, it was very cheap by stepping on and as I tried to buy it, it almost got poned as expected (Al need to shave only nails of Side number) Can be installed with.
    Because it is for competition vehicles, machining is necessary for the installation of lights, Wiring, Number (I do not have Sense, though) However, Rear Carrier does not interfere and it is wonderful (* Rough AndRoad's Rear Carrier).
    However, as we can see a bit of Sub Frame tips for the previous term, we recommend only to those who do not mind.

    I installed it in DTRACKERX 2015.
    Even if it says that it is installed, processing is necessary.

    I really did not like OEM's Rear and wanted to jump up, so I searched for KLX series for the time being and bought it for the time being.

    Drill with Drill at the hole position of the OEM tool Case, cut it with the saw while aligning the car body, adjust the height with 6 φ Washer in order to match with the rise of the car body. Then paint.

    This product is for KLX, Rear Fender (Inner) It is united. DTRA is a separate body.
    Cut according to that side, but this time I hit the Frame near the back of Seat Cut.
    As a result, a hole has opened between OEMSide cover and this Fender.
    Cut the OEM's Fender and hide it, but also the subtle feelings.

    It is a Fender for KX 250 but it is attached to the D tiger.
    I chose this because I wanted to make it a different Style if the price was cheap.
    Of course the shape is quite different, so you must do it without processing.
    Cutting and cutting, scraping off the hit place and screw hole, various processing is necessary.
    Because the gap between Side cover and Fender is also quite open, we process and paste the Black board into that part.

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