【KEYSTER】Fuel Adjustment Kit & Throttle Valve Guide Gasket

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Quantity: 1 Set of 1 Carburetor (for 1 Cylinder)
[Product Contents]
Needle Valve
Idle Screw (Air Screw)
Float Exhaust Chamber Gasket
Pilot Jet: 3 Size
Main Jet: 6 Size
Jet Needle: 4 Size


*The product contents will differ depending on the product. Please refer to the photo of the product.
*This product is for 1 carburetor (1-cylinder).


KeyStar's Carburetor Fuel Injection includes almost all of the parts you need to repair or adjust your Carburetor. Needle Valve,Idle Screw(Air screw),Float Chamber Gasketetc. A wide variety of fuel control parts are also available.. Pilot Jet has 3 sizes, Main jet has 6 sizes and Jet needle has 4 sizes..
Rubber's Needle Valve uses AANeedle, an award-winning superneedle.. Its amazing performance far surpasses that of OEM products.
The conventional commercial jet sets for tune up are made by changing the Size to etc.. It's allotted in intervals.. Tune up jet sets that are sold in the market have sizes with equal measurements. But the Jet set in the Fuel Tuning Kit is an etc.. It's not a spacing arrangement.. In combination with the Jet needle, the size is designed to change the air/fuel ratio effectively and precisely..

The first application of the Fuel Tuning Kit is for TroubleShoeing. Used to repair motorcycles with fuel supply problems..
To get a large A/F ratio, you should move the Pilot Jet, Jet needle and Main jet to the L direction, and to get a small A/F ratio, you should move them all to the R direction.. To increase air fuel ratio, pilot jet, jet needle and main jet all need to be moved to L direction and on the other hand to reduce air fuel ratio, they must all be moved to R direction. That's what CarburetorTuning is all about!.

Another application of Fuel Tuning Kit is to tune up motorcycles.
The other aim of the fuel adjustment kit is for motorcycle tuning (to improve performance). However the carburetor does not energize itself, so there's no use adjusting the carburetor itself. When you are tuning up the engine by replacing parts from the front and rear of the engine, performance will improve if you adjust them to correspond to the vehicle. For example if you replace them with an air filter that has more air flow or exhaust that reduces exhaust resistance, the condition of the air fuel mixture that the engine requires will change. That's when carburetor adjustment is necessaryAnd that's just what fuel adjustment kits are for.

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    Japan shipment arrived in 4 days, replaced carburetor overhaul pack vibration is less, a lot of low torsion enhancement. including 4 oil needles can adjust 4 kinds of mixing ratio debugging satisfaction.

    Obtained vehicle (3XV4) He was concerned about deterioration of Jet due to Tank being rusted, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I also used it together.
    I heard rumors that the key Star's Jet kind is slightly erroneous when it is Mikuni type carburetor, but there was not any problem at all.

    OEM count + DFRStainless Steel Chamber lightly dandruff like lying from around 3750 rpm.

    Even if putting the OEM count of this kit after cleaning, if dandruff is bad, please doubt the power jet. Our car was clogged severely.

    Using Key Star's Fire Kit for many years OH
    Although Trouble is still absent, I am satisfied with the change in Large!

    Noteworthy is this Reasonable price with this accuracy!
    There are several types of Jet, too, just by OH
    As long as we can set the seasonal setting without it!

    This time ThrottleValve Guide Gasket Set items
    Purchase (Actually it is not necessary to Rose up to here, but every corner
    It was able to clean) but I am building this world wide
    Even so, I think it's only the key Star
    Key Star is truly appreciated for the old car fans
    Manufacturer is ♪
    If you want to Rose Throttle valveGuide, you need Special Tools
    So be careful!

    By the way Instruction Manual is also kind, no need to worry about Setting!
    Also good buildability of Case and good storability Goodwell
    I think that everyone is convinced that it is a domestic product!.

    Everyone who is interested! Because there is no mistake in performance
    Let's support by being purchased by all means!

    KEYSTER key is Star Fuel Adjustment Kit & Throttle Valve Guide Gasket. It was better than buying OEM Parts Number, so it was good.. I also wanted to purchase.

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