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    GPz400F/F2 Z400GP Z550 FX Z400FX/Z400J
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    Compatible with TPS (retrofit) compatible
    Crimped cord connector
    ・SPII High Power Ignition Coil with bracket, bolt and spacer for each model
    ・SPII control unit. Exclusive for each model, with double-sided adhesive sheet, with bracket depending on model
    ・Plug cord joint set: for 2P, 1P
    ・Wire harness set: Included only for required models.
    ・Detailed instructions: How to install, how to use and other detailed instructions
    ・Other: with necessary parts depending on the model (plug cord with cap, cord marker with clamp)


    [Outline, Features]
    ○The ignition map that emphasizes the torque up of the low and middle speed and the extension of the high rotation while making the best use of the characteristic of the stock, and corresponds to the throttle position sensor.
    ○Powerful discharge energy by newly developed SPII high-power ignition coil, compact and lightweight despite high performance.
    ○The SPII high power coil generates a secondary voltage of about 40000V.(Stock is 20000-30000V).
    ○The SPII control unit employs a large-capacity transistor that draws out 100% of the energy of the SPII high-power coil, and a high-performance microcomputer controls the optimal energizing time and ignition timing for each revolution.
    ○Determination of the optimum ignition map (curve) by chassis dynamometer and actual driving.
    ○10-5 kinds of ignition map (curve) can be selected by switch according to the riding style and the degree of tuning.
    ○The rev limit can be set every 200 rpm by the switch.
    ○Bolt-on installation.

    Applicable Models

    GPz400F/F2 Z400GP Z550 FX Z400FX/Z400J
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    Fixing Units is more difficult.

    20 Apr 2023
    The wiring is long, so it can be handled with a lot of room to spare, but it is difficult to secure the space to fix the body. View detail

    This is Great!

    05 Apr 2023
    My machine seems to prefer to choose a slow angle because of the increased efficiency of the intake.
    But I wanted to know what standard conditions were like, so I drove about 180 km in standard conditions.
    Throw is not good at all. Fuel tone is too thick.
    The engine was started with this set to a slow angle and with the fuel mixture set to a lighter setting. The engine fires easily and runs lightly!
    Oh, I should have chosen the slow angle from the beginning. There was no need to try the standard.
    Idling stabilizes crisply at 900 rpm.

    This could be tremendous.
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    I thought it would be expensive, but it is not.

    24 Mar 2023
    I installed it on my FZ750 and was able to experience the effect.
    The spark seemed to get stronger, so much so that the carburetor setting had to be changed.
    Pickups from low openings become extremely thick, and it feels as if the engine displacement volume has been increased.
    The medium opening and above was so great that I became a little hesitant to use it on public roads.

    FZ is almost 40 years old, and Ignition coil and CDI are doing reasonably well.
    I think you will probably find that changing to a new OEM will make a lot of difference. But to begin with, OEM is no longer available. It is not available.

    About 60,000 for a new Ignition coil and CDI. It is not expensive at all.
    I wish I had implemented it sooner." I regretted it intensely (sweat).

    As for MODE switching and REV switching, we have not used them yet.
    The Instruction Manual describes the characteristics of each MODE, but does not go into much detail about what kind of Engine or Setting it is suitable for, so beginners may be a little hesitant to use it.
    I would like to study the advance and delay angles, etc. before touching them.

    The installation can be handled by referring to the Instruction Manual. However, I had to make some modifications.

    One is the orientation of the Ignition coil.
    In the Instruction Manual, the plug cord is routed from the rear side (carburetor side), but this is very forceful because the Left Side goes to the harness and the Right Side goes directly to the WaterLine.
    So I use Coil as Quantity:Pair (for Left and Right) The plug cord was replaced and routed from the front side (head pipe side).
    It requires a slightly longer cord, but it fits more neatly that way.

    Plug cord is recommended here in Option.
    The connector is already crimped. The bracket of the Uotani is special and quite large, so it is not compatible with general Electric Works Pliers.
    It is not exactly impossible, but it is difficult to crimp it exactly and neatly.

    Next is the with Connector Harness that connects Coil to Harness, but Included Parts:has a very short Harness.
    It is not impossible to attach, but it is not good for mental health with Tension on Harness.

    Therefore, we purchased the Option Harness separately and installed it here.
    This is recommended because it has a longer Harness and more room for maneuvering. *I would rather have this as Included Parts:.

    ControllerBody is mounted on the Right Side of the vehicle body.
    This one has a long mounting harness, so it can be mounted on either the Left Side or Right Side.
    For now, it is tentatively fastened with Tie Wrap inside the RightSide cowl.

    In general, Large satisfied. This price for this peace of mind and performance. It is a great value at all!
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    NINJA riders must replace it!

    24 Mar 2023
    It is like a different Motorcycle! If you want to improve the engine performance, I recommend you to install the Full powerKit from Uotani! OEM carburetor is enough. Main jet may need to be thickened a little. View detail

    For your peace of mind in the future

    09 Mar 2023
    The Coil was replaced with a new OEM Product about 20 years after delivery, but the Igniter has remained the same since delivery 30 years ago.
    We have never had any particular problems, but in the unlikely event of a breakdown on the road, it would be a one-large problem, so we decided to introduce strong sparks from Uotani because we thought we should take measures when there is nothing to worry about.

    Cranking sound when pressing Starter is totally different. Very strong sound!
    Idling is also stable at low levels.
    The fearsome AS Uotani SP II.
    A total of 8 types of advance and delay angles plus NORMAL can be selected to accommodate vehicles with increased intake and compression efficiency.
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