【CEPTOO】Hyper Chain Lock

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Spare Key x 2pcs.



[Hyperlock series] points.
Auto Shutter, which opens by simply inserting a key. Prevents dust and debris from entering.
High security "double deadbolt" is used. And the "one-push lock" makes it easy to install.
With LED keys to help in the dark.

Hardened chains and cylinders in one piece, with high security and ease of use..
More than 10,000 different patterns of cylinders are used to improve picking resistance..


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    Purchase for SEROW's crime prevention. Key is hard to pick up? It is like a modern key. However, since the lock itself is often disconnected at the time of actual theft, the effect is ???.

    I thought that it was heavy as it is, but actually it is heavier than I imagined ♪ I am thinking of a sense of security that can not be removed by a mischievous degree ♪ I'm carrying it, but it is a little bit ♪

    Wire lock used for about 5 years has deteriorated, so I am looking for new things.
    We ordered some well-known Manufacturer's Wire lock and Chain lock, but we could not obtain goods that we want sold out or lack of, we chose it from the stock etc. with reference to Review etc..
    There are two kinds of Length, and we chose the longer one in order to have flexibility in how to use it, considering the change of the storage method in the future.
    Although we are using it immediately after the arrival of the goods, the making of the middle-duty product is firmly and satisfactory.
    Picking countermeasure was taken for the key and lock making also Large I am satisfied with the change.
    I knew one but a little bit heavy - - -
    It is heavy because it is long, so it's extra heavy as it is a solid build, but this point is not a drawback - - - I think so..
    However, since the performance of such products will be demonstrated when they are stolen, I hope that this is not the case.

    I bought a 180 cm one.
    I use it to tie the pillar of the carport of my home and Tire, but it is easy to use because I have a little room for Exactly. (Although 120 cm might be better for deterring cutting)

    Although it can not be judged about strength as it is an amateur, at the junction of Chain and lock, a thick Material : I think that it is attached by PlasticCover, the key hole also has a Dorrige Door attached, and the overall making is solid..
    Key is inner groove type.

    In the picture, Cover looks like a single color of Blue, but in fact the white Logic of ceptoo is printed.
    Also, as a caveat, the key is Quantity without LED lighting : Only 2pc is attached. The place where I inquired, the explanation notation is wrong, the key with LED illumination is not attached Spec. It is said that.

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