【MR.LOCKMAN】MR Lockman Wilde Slider Strong Chain 8 2400mm

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Steel (hardened)


Pad lock of long guide
Two keys.



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Newly developed Q-slider enables figure-8 mounting.
Wild Slider Chain & Long Guide Pad Lock.

[Using Strong 8]


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    I bought it for the first time compared with products of other Manufacturer.
    Although I thought it was long at the beginning, I fixed it to the building through Body on the Ring part, it is just right length.
    Chain, I think that the key is also durable making.
    (There is weight on running water)
    Although I am using it for a while, I feel secure..

    Because it is before car delivery, though it is unused, feeling taken in hand. There is some distance to the earth lock position at home
    I made it to this Length. And since there is Ring, Length can be made use in the combination way!
    I was worried about theft but ... I was relieved a bit.
    There is a Review that it is heavy, but this Length is very thick Gold genre so it is not mild.
    However, it is not enough to put in a spirit ... Large It's durable (Lol)

    The key is cheap and it seems to be destroyed.
    Chain cover is just passing,
    Chain enters behind Cover when setting Chain.
    As for the newly developed OSlider, I realized that the real thing was a little smaller than I imagined from the picture of product description.

    2. Chain of 4 m can be used in various ways.
    Yellow color characters Cover stand out in Black letters.
    Cheap price.

    Previously, since I was using Katarana!
    Weight, key, Cover etc. I felt unreliable everything.

    I feel heavy when I hold it, I can afford Length. I feel that it is robust..
    Since there is Ring, I think that various installation methods can be done depending on the ingenuity.

    I want a high security anti-Motorcycle lock, but I decided on this product in consultation with the price. Yellow color letters and keys - I think the installation is standing out because the chain is thick and I think that the crime prevention effect is high.
    If it is supposed to raise a bad place, this is contradictory to the security, but it is heavy installation because the chain is heavy in installation.
    And when passing through the chain it seems to scratch Wheel but it is slightly disgusting but it is only necessary if you care about yourself a bit while installing.

    I found this if I was looking for something good to tone up Chain.
    Although it was DAYTONA if it was the same price range
    As far as I see the real thing, this person felt the key part durable so buy it with Webike.

    But, well, heavy and heavy.
    Yamato shipping person was struggling (Lol)

    Well, if you look at the box trying to open it Well well - - - (' - Ω - `)
    As Tape is too heavy to be peeling off, maybe it was better to manage it there?
    It is about that place, Chain is more common, but it is quite sturdy. Of course.

    Although it is an O-ring part, since this can be flexible, we can do the same thing as the image of Catalogue
    There is nothing to be troubled about where to do Chain.

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