【HURRICANE】Number Base &Amp; Reflector W122

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Price: ฿1,021
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Applicable Models:

Medium size car and over (126cc-) Universal

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Motorized Bicycle 126cc-
Material: Aluminum
with License Plate Fixed Hook
Size: 12.5×122mm
Color: Black


*The product on the photo may contain other coloring/types.

Applicable Models

    • Medium size car and over (126cc-) Universal


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    As we are attaching the Rear Fender Eliminator Kit with Off-road motorcycle
    Gravel and mud come straight on the License Plate.
    Indentations such as numbers disturb and cleaning is not easy either.
    I did not turn down and bend, but I think that I will fold someday
    I searched for something, I arrived at this product.

    It is not related to running, not too much concern such as number back
    However, as it is a License Plate that seems to bend only a bit caught
    There is no loss when attached.
    However ? ? ? It is slightly expensive.

    The circumference of the License Plate and the claws hanging on the Plate were also accurate and there was not Wobble,
    Label of product is pasted with SEROWTape and glue sticky ...
    Since there are times when it is discolored even with Parts cleaner as part of this hand
    I wanted you to care more about packing a little more ...

    And if you paste it with Reflector yourself, I want you to make it a little cheaper

    After installing the Fender Eliminator Kit in Motorcycle, I was in trouble because Reflector could not be attached. Because the License Plate is barely exposed, it seems that Number base and Reflector searched for merchandise, so I found this item. Actually wearing it was as per the image of mine. As in many people's reviews, there are points that the board thickness is thin, not so much weight increase, the number of Hooks to fix Number, Size of base is Large ridge point, Reflector is SM

    Reflector is necessary when it is made to the outside Fender Eliminator, but if Reflector only it is concerned about the dirty and broken License Plate, but because this product is an excellent item that can be eliminated at once, it is said to be a very excellent product think.

    I made ZEPHYR 750 as Fender Eliminator and I was only using the T-shaped Reflector at the beginning but I bought this product due to the runout of the License Plate due to vibration during running and the dirt is so bad. Since this product also serves as Reflector, the T shape that we used stopped Reflector and installed it. It's a solid product and paint condition. The vibration caused by the intended vibration also disappears and the mudguard effect is also perfect. Reflector installs an elongated Reflector for Design

    Purchased with Fender Eliminator Kit installation.
    When I installed the Fender Eliminator Kit, I purchased this item because the back of Number is visible..
    The dirt became inconspicuous and the car wash became easier
    There is also a nail that fixes Number under Plate, so there is no beating sound even if it runs.
    I feel dissatisfied with the attached Reflector shovel
    I think that it may be a little bigger
    It is too cool between Number and Reflector.
    I think that surprising is good.

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