【CHERRY】Universal Chain Cutter

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Corresponding Chain Size: 420/428/520/525/530


*The body is bumpy due to casting but it does not hurt when using this product.


Universal's Chain Tool..
Compatible with 420/428/520/525/530.
This is for Cut only..

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    Removed from the Gold mold of the casting and processed as it is.
    However, Chain's Piece packing etc etc. How many times a year do you recommend? This item is recommended for those who can use it by all means.
    It is better to buy the famous Manufacturer's Cutter.
    Bush-born casting → BALI taking surface by yourself Buffing → Self-made finish
    It is particularly recommended for people who can enjoy saying like this.

    I tried several times to Cut of 520 Chain. I used it after scraping one side of Pin at Grinder once, but it will be free without difficulty. I do not understand the long-term durability, but it is not frequently changing such as Chain and this is enough for AmateurUser like me.

    The item was washed and packed in PetitPetit in dry condition and delivered. It seems that improvement that it reaches with covered oil is improving.

    If you rotate in Large-sized Wrench, you do not have to cut the head of Chain's Pin in Grinder one by one, you can pull out Pin as it is.
    The price is also cheap, so you can work properly enough.
    If you are preparing a lot of Motorcycle, some vehicles equipped with Chain that does not fit Cutter will come out, but if you only need your own Motorcycle maintenance, you need the smallest limit.

    Let's make it easier to use in Parkari for the time being.

    I used it for Chain cut of 530 Size. I needed a bit of power, but I think that I think that it is a price with price. I think that it is more easy to use if the possession is a little longer.

    Compared to N part Cutter, it is coarse casting, but Center Pin's worried center pin shake is perfect without wicking.
    It also has its own weight and is easy to work. I think that it can be used for a considerable period since it is a casting.
    428 Chain was cut easily without having to scrape Pin head with Thunder.
    A good tool is not an appearance but a function and a function.

    There is no such thing as Chain cuts.
    With just cutting it, Crimpetc. Since it does not have the function of LINK Joint, it is to adjust the length of Chain of LINK Joint and to remove the original Chain.
    It is a coarse casting that seems to have voids in everything, in a dubious package of Chinese.
    Although I was not expecting so much because it is cheap, I think that it will be broken so long as you do not overuse it like PRO, without problems.
    It is enough for DIY maintenance.

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