【BEET】Fender Eliminator Kit

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*Processing is required for installation.


Applicable Models

    • BALIUS2


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    Since having interfered with a Side bag was disagreeable although the Fender less kit was put on the market by Mr. Manufacturers of other, Mr. BEET's thing is purchased.
    Although Fender-less-ization was done for the first time, when reading the description, it was able to do simply.Working hours were about 1 hour.Since it could not be satisfied with a price although it was what also making
    may be solid in, it is at *4.

    It equipped with the Fender less kit.
    exchange can make a problem there be nothing, if a Blinker and a passive reflector are also used as it is and are altogether performed as a description for a Bolt on.
    one was able to do it in about 1 hour. I feel it refreshed in
    appearance, and think that the angle was also attached to the Number plate and it became quite good together with the Inner fender.
    However, since the right and left of the Tail-lamp lower part have a little crevices, I will consider it as four stars at this point.

    Although processing called cutting of a pure fender and drilling was required, it does not have a problem.
    The price was also shopping with handy and sufficient sushi.

    Attachment removed the pure fender and processing etc. were able to make necessity there be nothing easily only by changing and attaching a number LGT.
    Aren't working hours a little less than 1 hour only by changing a blinker and a reflector as it is?
    Although decided by the low price of the price, it is easy also in work, and the appearance of the circumference of rear one feels it refreshed, and thinks that it is satisfied and it can carry out a recommend.

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