【KRYPTONITE】New York Legend & New York City Pad Lock

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Price: ฿12,291
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[Manufacturer's Parts Number] 999577/999508
[Parts Number: 999577] (Section Width x Length): 15.0mm x 1500mm/Weight: 5.0kg
[Parts Number: 999508] (Section Width x Length): 15.0mmx900mm/Weight: 3.0kg
Spare Key System (Key Duplication): Available
Theft Remedy 80,000 yen


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*There are cases that it is impossible to pay thru cash payment depending on the theft situation.
For details, please refer to the courtesy payment provisions attached to the product.


《15mm Round Chain. Strong anti-crime large chain made by KRYPTONITE's original method of quenching temperature, time and treatment. "
The padlock uses 16mm steel shackles..
Double deadbolt construction to strengthen against twisting. In addition, there is almost no gap between the chain and the machine, which provides the best security..
Heat treated 3 times for 15mm strong round chain.
Using KRYPTONITE's unique and strongest steel material, Max Performance.
The padlock uses a 16mm steel shackle and there is almost no gap between the chain and the padlock..
Stick keys are used which are difficult to duplicate.. Smooth motion..
Spare key system
Theft compensation is included.

Recommended for users who want to protect their bikes at home or in the office!
Available in two lengths, 900mm and 1500mm.


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    Lock Body can no longer lock in 1 month after purchase.
    I sent a defective item to Okada Shoji, and I had him exchange it for a new one.
    According to the story of Support, it was a rare event.
    Although the trouble phenomenon has not occurred after the exchange, I am a little worried.
    It was salvation that support of Okada Shoji Support was quick and polite.

    It purchased to storage at the house. creating with a Concrete, since there is no place which can carry out earth Locke to the
    > house --
    -- it is used, tying there.

    Since there is about 5 kg, it is very heavy, but the part sense of security exists.
    It was not said that it is short when tying to a thing right
    die length just and different from a Tire. The surface is covered by the Plastic, has
    Become as [ do / a keyhole / a lid ], and

    key portion can also intercept dust.

    Although used for about two years, a key can also be put into a Smooth, or it can take out, and the
    motion is not astringent.

    Again, although cloth is wound around chain parts at the explanation grade, it is difficult to attach a crack to the main part of
    Motorcycle, thanks to this. If the
    > PRO's theft ring is started, it is unavoidable, but I think kana with exactly sufficient
    price and engine performance as a usual deterrent.

    He rebought a Chain lock at the time of moving to the city ?.
    > Takkyubin wears, a box is passed and it is ponderously heavy.. When the
    > box was opened, strong Locke entered. I think that it is not so cut simply since the path of the
    Chain is no less than 16 mm. I think that it is an Items first for protecting one's own car from a theft although the
    > price is also comparatively high-priced. I think that earth Locke can be carried out since the
    die length is also 1500 mm.

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