【KITACO】Ultra Robot Arm Lock

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Type: HDR-3
Overall Length: Approximately 950mm
Gross Weight: Approximately 4.4kg
Arm Size: 19×19mm Square
Used Material: Steel Alloy
Quenching Hardness: HRC45-55
Key Cylinder: ABLOY SENTRY Adoption



It is the strongest rock that protects your favorite vehicles from all kinds of destruction work making full use of the technology and know-how cultivated over many years.
It is alloy steel with special material blending and quenching protects the valuable vehicle. A special rivet is adopted as the articulated extreme arm. It is easier to remove and remove with a smooth movement, easier to handle.
Finland ABLOY 's key cylinder has high reliability as STD cylinder of European nuclear power plants and famous museums, and measures against forcible vandalism, such as picking, drilling, striking, cylinder withdrawal, etc, are perfect.
Let's lock with multiple locks to prevent bike theft by recent professional theft group.

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    It is a lightweight MODEL but it is heavy and very secure.
    Just to put it in the backpack and feel Large and heavy.
    It may need strength of Backpack itself.
    I decided to use it for home use.

    The goods reached, it was light as compared to other KITACO Robot arm lock, rock is small Smark, I was honestly worried.
    When contacting Mr. KITACO, Aluminum also has a sticky material, there is also an intention to try crime prevention with a large sound when cutting when it is not a rotating tool or the like.
    4. I was relieved to hear that it is about 5 kilometers, a clear difference with HD-3 Level.
    The arrangement size is unexpectedly large and it fills the Small Awning Saddle bag. Also, Length is unexpectedly short.
    However, Merit, which is lightweight and can carry lightweight locks, is Large.
    Whatever it is a good lock, I think that it is very meaningless because it is meaningless in weight and Size that can not be used on the road.

    Since I bought a large type Motorcycle, I purchased it as though I was worried only with the lock on hand but thought that it was lost but it was destroyed rather than regret.
    When I saw it, it was enough to even question the question of being able to destroy such things heavily heavily.
    However, because it is too heavy Wheeletc. There is also anxiety that scratches will go on, but I think that it is a wonderful item from the viewpoint of crime prevention.

    I tried various HDR-8 considering various strange words, grounding and oil pressure Cutter.
    Motorcycle is safe in the meantime.
    However, although everyone's weight can be tolerated personally, it is Minus 1 that it seems that there is a bruise on foil.

    I bought a Large type with a new car and bought this reputation for this rewarding lock daringly. I was worried about HDR-8 and HDR-6, but purchased HDR-6. Still quite expensive for me.
    When I saw the actual thing that arrived, I thought that this was also awkward enough. There is more weight than I thought ... so it seems that my car is being protected.
    I used Wire type so far, but by using it I feel secure.. I can not break it with a simple tool, I think that the theft Risk was reduced.

    Since I wanted it before, I happened to be Sale, so I decided to purchase but I had trouble with HDR-10 and HDR-8 until the end but thought of everyday usability I made it a little light HDR-8.
    RobotArm also works better with Smooth than I thought. Although I can not do Earth Lock at home Garage, I also have enough Length to connect two Motorcycle and I expect that the Risk of theft will be alleviated from now on.

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