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    KATANA (KATANA) GU76A [Genuine part number]27510-49012 [Model name]GSX1100SY KATANA (KATANA) GU76A [Genuine part number]27510-49012 [Model name]GSX1100SR

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    [Size] 630-15 teeth
    [Material] SCM435 Chrome molybdenum steel
    [Compatible stock part number] 27510-49O12


    Aftermarket Sprockets.
    Manufactured in an ISO9002 certified factory in pursuit of the same quality as stock!


    * The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.

    Applicable Models

    KATANA (KATANA) GU76A [Genuine part number]27510-49012 [Model name]GSX1100SY KATANA (KATANA) GU76A [Genuine part number]27510-49012 [Model name]GSX1100SR



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    VIRAGO250 Rear Sprocket

    14 Jul 2023
    Replaced OEMRear Sprocket.
    It is inexpensive, but it is made with confidence.
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    To YamahaSEROW.

    12 Jun 2023
    I bought it to use for SEROW, but I couldn't use it for Initial Model. I could not use it due to lack of confirmation, but I'm glad I could use it for my friend's SEROW. View detail

    Mounted on ESTRELLA2014

    30 Apr 2023
    I learned that the OEM of ESTRELLA2014MODEL is 40 guns, but the previous ESTRELLA was 38 guns, and since it was time to replace them, I replaced them.
    When I compared the parts list between the 2014 model and the applicable car model, the rear hub looked the same shape and the part number was the same, so I thought it would work and bought it.
    However, since the reduction of two fingers caused the Chain to loosen, we shifted the Axle Shaft position by 2 ticks of 10mm to pull it backward.
    I thought this was a good idea, although I felt that acceleration was slower, it took more force to turn the Tire, and Smoothness was lost a little.
    The SHIFT UP timings are now about 2 beats slower than before, which makes the ride more enjoyable.
    I haven't been able to take it on the highway yet, so I've only taken it up to a maximum speed of 60 km/h. I can hardly tell the difference in 5th gear×4000 rpm = about 60 km/h, so I have the impression that I'm getting more fun in the low speed range.
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    The quality is appropriate for the price, but I expect durability.

    03 Apr 2023
    [How is it used?
    Since we wanted to change the number of Sprocket pins on the ESTRELLA and the Chain that was attached to it had deteriorated, we decided to take this opportunity to replace the front and rear Sprocket and Chain at the same time.

    ESTRELLARear Sprocket was only available in the same size as OEM from all manufacturers, and the only way to change the GEAR ratio was to adjust the Front. Therefore, the Rear Sprocket is not that important, so we chose NTB because it is cheap and we can expect durability in terms of material.

    Was the one you received as per Image?
    The color is silver, the same as OEM. However, the machining accuracy is commensurate with the price, and there are scratches like dents on the surface, and the corners of the teeth have rough surfaces as if they were left uncut.
    I'm not that concerned about it since my use is for commuting Main city driving, but it might bother some people.

    Was the installation difficult?
    If you can remove the Rear wheel and remove the Nut from the hub, you can do the replacement work yourself. ESTRELLA is especially good because it has a center stand, so you can do the work without a maintenance stand.
    As a side note, if you are replacing the Chain or Sprocket at their wear limit, I would recommend replacing the Hub damper together. I was concerned that the hub damper was too thin and the hub was rattling when I replaced it, but I forgot to prepare the hub damper.

    How was your experience with it?
    It works fine as a Sprocket. The color matches the silver color of the surrounding plating parts and rim.

    [Included Parts:were they on?
    Only SprocketBody.

    [Was there anything that disappointed you?
    Although in line with the price, the machining accuracy is not that good.

    Other items that would be helpful
    Installation points and hang/Availability and clarity of the Instruction Manual/Points to consider/Items to purchase/Opinions and requests to the Manufacturer
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    We have substituted OEM Product.

    25 Mar 2023
    I have not driven that many miles, but I have used it without any problems. View detail


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