【SP Takegawa】Titanium Alloy Tappet Adjusting Nut

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Price: ฿752
Webike Points: 8

Applicable Models:

CD-based Engine

CUB System Engine


Vehicles with M5 thread pitch 0.5



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[Material] Titanium Alloy
[Size] Screw Diameter: M5 x P0.5

[Rocker arm with SP Takegawa cylinder head]
- Stock / R-stage / R-stage+D
- Superhead / Superhead+R / Superhead 4V+R
Ape 50/100
-R-stage / Superhead Stage1-3 / Superhead+R
KSR 110
- Superhead+R / Superhead 4V+R
TT-R 50/90
- Superhead+R

[Rocker arm with stock cylinder head]
Monkey/Gorilla, Monkey FI, Super Cub 50/70/90, Super Cub 50 FI, Super Cub 110 FI, DAX 50/70, CB50, XE50/75, XLR80, CRF80/100, NSF100, APE50/100, CB125T, ATC70, TODAY( AF62)、Dio(AF68)、Giorno(AF70)


GAG・GS50・Birdie 80・Address V125



Tappet Adjusting Nut x 2

Manual: Japanese

[Online Catalog]
SP Takegawa's Online Catalog (Japanese)


- Compatible models are for reference only.
- It can be used with tappet adjusting screws of M5 and pitch 0.5.


[Product Description]
The tappet adjusting nut is made of a lightweight, high-strength titanium alloy.
In addition to the change in material, the hex width was changed from 9mm to 8mm, resulting in a weight reduction of 57%. (Compared to stock Monkey)
By reducing the weight, the valve tracking to the camshaft is improved.
Can be installed on many types of stock cylinder heads (fits the above thread diameter) and SP Takegawa cylinder heads (except DOHC 4V and DESMO 4V).
■If your stock nut is the same as the part number below, you can use it.
Compatible genuine nut part number = Honda: 90206-001-000 / Yamaha: 90170-05302 / Suzuki: 12843-04A00 / Kawasaki: 92015-1137

Applicable Models


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    I replaced it with Titanium nut.
    Certainly Titanium nut is super light.
    It seems to be good for Engine.
    Installation was also easy.

    Even though we have NORMAL, we can not feel lightness, but I want to believe that it is effective as it was exchanged!
    Actually, although I could not feel bodily exchanged, in the Small Motorcycle of Power there are no bad parts, so I do not regret it..
    The price is high, but it is Titanium, so why not!

    As APE 50 's Bore up, it was installed with weight saving and good serviceability.
    We did not know the effect with this NutSingle Body because we also installed the Locker Arm at the same time as weighing, but the Tappet adjustment has become easier to adjust than the 9 mm Nut of the OEM.
    We believed that we will reduce the burden on the engine because it is lighter weight of fast moving objects.

    It purchased for mitigation of mass resistance.
    The pile of a fine weight saving believes that it takes effect someday, and it requires it.
    although it is very expensive as a Titanium nut of

    M5 -- M5 -- the thing of this Pitch --
    -- since it is not found probably, I think if a special order is considered and it can be said to be a proper price.

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