【STRIKER】Guard Slider

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.
Price: ฿5,916
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Applicable Models:

ZZR1400 (ZX-14)


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Slider: Duracon Black or Carbon Composite
Slider Base: Aluminum (The standard spec. is silver, others are black.)
It is possible for bolt-on installation (It does not require processing in the cowl.)

[Repair Duracon]
Left: 60mm (SS-RGSSC060K)
Right: 75mm (SS-RGSSC075K)

[Repair Carbon Composite Slider Cone]
60mm (SS-RGSSC060C)
75mm (SS-RGSSC075C)



*The slider base color is Black with a black anodized. The attached bolts are not black.
*The attached image is equipped with standard specifications.The other photo of the product are for reference only and may differ from the actual product.


STRIKER OEM Slider, reduces damage when falling.
It distributes the impact on the engine or the like in a variety of contexts from the trailing moss to slip down and keep damage to the minimum limit.

Applicable Models

    • ZZR1400 (ZX-14)
    • ZX-14R


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    【What made you decide the purchase?】 Because it is a product of Striker.
    【How was it actually used?】 I think that it is an ineffective part if it does not overturn, but I am very satisfied with the appearance.
    【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 When installing arbitrarily Bolt was hard to remove and it was Large strange, but installation is easy.
    【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Optional Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because the lengths are different, make sure not to make mistakes and those who do not want to hurt Cowl later are better off curing. I think that it is safe if worried person put on Screw lock and wear it.
    [Is there anything I was disappointed about?] It is not required.
    【Hope for Manufacturer ? Please tell me if there are any improvement points】 It is not required.
    【Have you compared items?】 It is not required.
    [Others] Any

    It is cool that the texture is also that the Gold genus part is Black.
    The Gold genus part is smart, but I feel that the design of the Slider part is not good (depending on the individual. )
    Somewhat higher than other companies (Especially Black) I think Minus is the one.

    Easy to install, just remove the Bolt of the car body and attach it with the included Bolt.
    I thought that there was the most bumpy feeling compared to other Manufacturer so I bought it.
    The rest is where I liked this place to install.

    I installed it on z250.
    In the case of Z, remove the Engine Cover of originally attached resin and install it.
    I got the installation done at the purchase store.
    It took 1 month to deliver, but it is worth just waiting and it is very cool to install.
    I think that it looks the most beautiful in the past installing it.

    I intended to install it as Instruction Manual but I do not feel like it is somewhat different from the illustration of Instruction Manual. I thought that the Instruction Manual was nice and polite.

    Easy to install, perfect fit size with cutting-free. I only buy the lower side and it is very close to fairing. It should buy the upper side as well for reinforce protection. It is able to protect the engine effectively.

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