【RK】GV Series Gold Chain GV525R-XW

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Price: ฿5,300
Webike Points: 53

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for Street/Race

Chain Size: 525
Color: ทอง
Chain Type: Seal Chain
Seal: XW Ring
ข้อต่อ Type: Rivet ข้อต่อ
อะไหล่ที่แถมมาด้วยs: ข้อต่อ x 1pc. (90 Link or more)


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It fully locks on of the super sports machine.
It is born a lightweight chain that makes full use of the potential of the vehicle.
It transmits engine power to the rear wheels without loss with low friction and long life XW ring equipped.
The plate is nickel plated + gold coat, pin and roller with brass plating (gold), and full coat finishing!
It achieved the strongest corrosion/fade resistance performance.

It is more compact and lightweight than traditional models and has improved strength.
Fuel Consumption UP! It accelerates UP (RK company test ratio, up to approcimately 8%)!

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    I've renewed the OEM chain of my CB400 SUPER BOL D'OR (NC39).
    I once had a RK chain for another bike before, and so I decided to try RK for my CB, too.
    The older chain was made of steel and was getting a little rusty. Now it's gold and gorgeous. I am really satisfied with it.

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