【DID】SUPER Non-seal Chain 420NZ3 Gold [with Clip (RJ) Joint]

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Chain Size:420
Colour :gold
Joint Type:RJ Clips


*The number of compatible links is the number of links for a fully stock vehicle.Please note that if you have changed the number of sprockets or customised your sprockets, the number of compatible links may differ.


Attached joint link :Clip type(RJ)

Realizes outstanding durability beyond the realm of non-seal.Compared to the Standard Series, the strength and abrasion resistance have been greatly improved.

Features 1:DID 420NZ3 - Mini-Moto "Strongest" Chain
No.1 strength in 420 size.
This chain is 30% stronger than the standard 420 chain and can handle up to 150cc, providing stable performance on and off the road.
DID's patented super die-hard processing has been applied to increase the surface hardness of the pins, suppressing pin wear that causes chain elongation and dramatically improving wear life.The wear life is about 4 times longer than the standard 420D, and the performance is outstanding even in endurance races.

Feature 2:NZ Series - Durability Beyond Non-Seal
About 4 times longer life than standard.
Adopted DID's patented SDH surface treatment, achieving approximately four times the wear resistance of DID standard.

Strength is 30% higher than standard (size average).
The tensile strength of the reinforced plate is about 30% higher than the standard one.

Wide range of products
DID NZ series covers 4 sizes, 428/520/525/530.
It is also suitable for old cars with narrow chain lines.

Feature 3:D.I.D 520DZ2 - the entry-level model for off-road...
SDH (special pin processing) achieves about twice the frictional life of the conventional 520DZ.It's a great way to get more out of your off-road experience.

Chain performance comparison
- Chain Lineup-
ZVM-X VX 630vs_st.jpg DZ STD
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    I used about 12000 km in Grom's 14 year model. It is 108LINK because Swingarm is replaced by Takegawa. 6 than new. It was 5 mm stretched.
    At Daido we recommend a non-seal exchange mileage of around 5000 km, but I am satisfied because I got over 10,000 kilometers. By the way, Maintenance was done using Kure's Chain cleaner and WAKOS Chain lube at about once a month.

    Lessons from last mistake, I worked carefully this time! But I just wanted to Cut the first Piece ... Usage is Drive sprocket 17 - Driven Sprocket40 - It is exactly Length at 118 dings with 5 cm Long's Swingarm. Afterwards it is done if you adjust by Chain pulling ♪ The color of Chain also got better instead of Gold, Custom feeling has increased and the appearance has become better! Since the place connecting Chain also has ChainPliers, we connected it behind for inconspicuous ♪

    This time, Drive sprocket - I purchased to change Driven Sprocket. By the way, since you are installing Swingarm of 5cm long made by Over, purchase 120T including Sprocket exchange! What was bleeding in the course of ... What to make Cain of Chain 118 can not be used mistakenly at 116 (Tears) Chain that I bought this time handed over to my senior. Be careful when you cut yourself by yourself!

    Grom will soon exceed 10,000 kilometers per year! Chain draw also decides to replace Chain by counting the third time. Because the OEM was 420D, I made a choice with the apparent Gold and affordable price. I have not run so much yet so I do not know the durability, but after replacement I feel lighter than before. Was good!

    Because OEMChain grew, I tried using it.
    I thought about Non-seal chain, but I chose this.
    Without taking time to exchange, the end. No, this is good.
    I can see that the start has become lighter. This is one choice in the future.

    Above all gold Gold will upgrade Custom feeling. Must be Maintenance is necessary because it is Non-seal. I feel that Engine Power is steadily transmitted to the rear wheels from the Normal chain.

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