【ACTIVE】Reflector Kit Type 2 Trapezoid

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Applicable Models:

Vehicles over 126cc Universal

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It provides stylish and safe (legal) with bolt on. It is one way to cut the STD fender but there are surprisingly a lot of regulation in the tail part for ensuring its safety.Among them, I gathered up a good sense of the position of blinker and license plate.

Applicable Models

    • Vehicles over 126cc Universal


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    It was cheap and was able to use.

    It purchases in order to attach to the fender less kit of the company.
    Since attachment is also only inserted between numbers, it is easy.
    although it was as anxious as whether interfere with a number and chatter sound comes out -- Kon's place -- it is satisfactory -- it is .

    When I saw it from the back, the shit feeling is matched to WR.

    Because it seems that it will become a gentle atmosphere if it is round shaped one, if you want to finish cool with Fender Eliminator, I personally think that it is a recommended shape.

    It is Stylish unlike a rectangle.
    I thought that I could adjust the angle by bending by hand,
    It is pretty solidly done and it is hard..
    Angle adjustment was impossible.
    The thing itself is satisfactory.

    I mounted this to my motorcycle when I replaced my rear fender with a shorter one.
    I wanted one that didn't distinguish too much but would present itself well enough to be noticed from the vehicles coming from behind. The trapezoid shape fitted in perfectly.
    The reflector can be moved vertically on the mounting bracket allowing you to chose the ideal mounting position.

    I tried to mount it between the number plate and fender but the bent part of the mounting bracket interfered so I mounted it on the back of the fender.
    There is no problem with the function so there's nothing to worry about.
    I chose a silver mounting bracket to match the plated rear fender. It looks natural even from the back side of the fender.

    A passive reflector is smart because it looks small.
    (-∀-)> -- a good point
    -- from [ the Fender less of the same Active, simultaneously having attached ]. A certain mind also carries out a feeling of unification.
    attachment is very easy and the position of a passive reflector can also shift it up and down.
    (';omega;`)> point [ not quite satisfactory ]
    Don't be!

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