【KRYPTONITE】New York Noise Chain & EV4 Disc Lock

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[Manufacturer's Parts Number] 999546
[Color] Orange
[Size] (Chain Diameter x Overall Length): 12mm x 1300mm
Spare Key System (Key Duplication): Available
Theft Remedy80,000 yen


A combination of hexagonal noose chain and the strongest disc lock, made of triple heat-treated boron-based manganese steel, the strongest chain is capable of cutting through more than 10 tons of material and withstanding forces of more than 5 tons of pull..
The NY Nuss 1213 & EV4 discs add ease of use to its strong chain.
A noose ring at the end allows you to make the most of the length of the chain. New EV4 Disc Lock.

A noose ring at the tip makes the most of the length of the chain.
Hexagonal cross-section chain made of 2mm heat-treated boron manganese steel.
EV4 disc lock is made of 14mm steel with double deadbolt.
stick key
Spare key system
Theft compensation is included.


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    I also own Disk Lock, but purchased for home storage. There is some weight, but it is not possible to obtain a sense of security if this is not enough. I am satisfied with the result as expected.

    It is a part of the lock, but locking and unlocking are comfortable with a construction that looks good in accuracy. I am glad that Light comes with the key. Motorcycle's feet are often dark.

    Kusari is really heavy to carry around with it, but it is not half a sense of security.

    A Chain is likely to carry out firmly and seems to be strong obviously. Since die length can be used effectively, it is convenient.

    Although it is expensive, earth Locke can also do it with this product, and it can also walk around only with a disk lock to portable.
    The way of a chain is Locke who has sense of security heavily heavily.
    The disk lock is more convenient to be compact and to carry.

    Since it becomes portable only by a disk lock, it is convenient.
    The way which checked whether it was a size along which it passes on a disk may say.
    Since it was last-minute when letting it pass by front use, the disk lock only for rear one was used.

    Since it is made to a ring, die length can be used effectively.
    Although it is quite heavy, the part sense of security exists.
    Three keys also followed, and since there is also a guarantee, it is considerably satisfied.
    On the way, since it can also walk around only with a disk lock portion, it is user-friendly.
    A difficulty is expensive.

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