【TaGu (Taguchi)】Shift Guide

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Price: ฿2,630
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Applicable Models:

CBR1000RR 04-07

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Mounted on the bracket of the soundproof cover of domestic vehicles. It enables reliable shift operation. It is necessary to remove the engine hood (soundproof cover) to install. Cannot be used with the engine hood.
By holding down the shaft, it eliminates the space of the shift (rattling) and enables firm shift operation, making it easier to shift to neutral. To install, remove the plastic cover and use the cover mounting screw holes. (Cannot be installed with the cover at the same time)

Applicable Models

    • CBR1000RR 04-07


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    Cost performance is good
    It is firmly based on the price
    It's easy to install and I firmly took Shift touch. I think it's fine.

    Although he was having a feeling that it was called the play at the time of a Shift change, or there was no feeling of a tightly although it is individual feeling, it is the touch out of which a feeling of a tightly may come after attaching this Shift guide!
    However, since the Seal of the Bearing of a bearing is not carried out, I think that periodical oil supply is indispensable.

    wearing came out a little and was completed for 10 minutes as the sound hood was removed, since it was domestic full power.
    The shift touch became good dramatically as well as other impression of yours! A difference is intelligible when putting especially into a neutral.
    If it is this effect the price around 5000 yen, it can be satisfied enough.
    It is a recommend.

    Power with what [ useless by supporting a fulcrum with this product ] felt hardness when it was the touch which the feel of the change made Kuche or put in to a Second gear was unnecessary, and it changed to what was made into the snap.
    Since it was a reverse vehicle, a pure plate and gasket were required, but Mr. Webike paid immediately.
    I think that they are cost-effective goods.

    It equips in combination with an external article step (with no bearing).
    Even if it goes away as the wearing itself removes and attaches a cover, it is easy.
    Since an effect has not run yet, it cannot be written in detail, but becomes that in which the operation feeling of the shift pedal became brave, and becomes easy to take out a neutral.
    I think that it is not the said improved efficiency parts which a horsepower goes up and which will be melted if Colet is followed, but it is cheap as compared with the same product of the other company, and they are parts good for trying once.

    * Attach. Removal is very easy although the work which removes a sound hood is required. Since the shift guide itself is only attached with two bolts Even me who have seldom tampered with the motorcycle Attachment was completed immediately.
    * Using feeling The shift change made into the snap when the pedal was stepped on is comfortably. What the feeling into which a gear goes firmly gives sense of security, and runs is 笙ェ* price which became still more pleasant. Although he thought whether it would be slightly high before purchase It is satisfied with this price now.
    They are parts recommended also to the beginner who have uneasiness in a run like me!

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