【Mikuni】Long Idle Screw

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TMR Carburetor MIKUNI

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for TMR/TDMR Carburetor


Long Idle Screw andwith Quantity:Please use with Set.

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Applicable Models

    • TMR Carburetor MIKUNI


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    I attached it to TMR40MJN of YOSHIMURA.
    TMR is treated as a Racing cab, so Idling's stability is bad (><)
    Secondary Air problem caused by lean of famous VSeal (It will almost certainly develop on long-term use, add Shim etc etc etc. If we do not take countermeasures, it will not cure, but because it is a matter of design (^_^;) Moreover, it is unreasonable to say that disassembling around VSeal will make Manufacturer repair impossible) ? ? ? especially this day LongScrew comes in handy because Idling tends to become unstable especially on cold weather such as winter season. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? It is a necessity for CenterLINK carburetor of 4 (^ ^)
    Wait for signals etc if installed. You can fine-tune immediately at the time of Idling of the town, and the city ride will be quite comfortable.
    Although Spring is not attached, there is no problem if you cut the matching Spring of the diameter to the optimum length.

    The Idling screw of TMRcarburetor can not be adjusted easily depending on the type of vehicle, as it is in the middle in the case of a 4 carburetor.
    We are introducing this product because TMR which we are using for gpz 900r is also difficult to adjust to Mita and it is difficult to adjust. The operability has improved significantly

    The waiting for a signal also removes a side cover one by one always, and removes a funnel ...
    The time and effort to say can be saved and they are very convenient goods.
    However, if it thinks that idling is high for it to be foppish after a sports run, the idling which the screw loosened due to the throttle at the time of a downshift, and was united with much trouble will return.
    Moreover, if it is repeated repeatedly as it seems to be direct, it will have separated from the bolt.
    And since [ which was great ] the bolt loosened when he thought that it wore, the crevice was made to the float chamber, and the fuel had leaked.
    It seems that there is seemingly same thing, and other users removed, and have removed and arranged the side cover and the funnel honestly.
    since it is disagreeable, he uses doing by being alike danglingly without fixing with a bolt.
    I think which [ of whether handiness is taken or to take certainty ] it is.

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