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    GPZ900R 84-98 17inch

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    17" for racing
    ■Cylinder construction: single tube
    ■Piston diameter: 46mm
    ■Equipped with a hose connection type reservoir tank
    ■Rebound damping force adjustment function: existence (at the present moment)
    ■Compression damping force adjustment function: existence (at the present moment)
    ■Riding height adjustment function is available
    ■Spring preload adjustment: Hose type hydraulic adjuster
    Type Shape: S46HR1C1LS


    [Main features and benefits of S46 rear shock absorber]
    ・Special design for each model
    ・Wide range of products from scooters to tourers and hypersports
    ・Single tube and multi-stage multi-layered valves provide accurate and stable damping force in all speed ranges
    ・High machining accuracy and high quality materials provide excellent initial operability
    ・Single rate spring with correct spring preload and linear feeling
    ・Fully disassembled design concept.Performance can be restored by overhauling
    ・Many optional springs are available.Settings can be tailored to suit the rider and vehicle.


    * The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.


    *Please check the various specifications carefully before purchasing.
    In addition, the text in the product description is for the representative model of the grade in question, so please check the specifications carefully again.

    *When using a new suspension, the grease filled inside for assembly may adhere to the sliding parts and look like an oil leak, but there is no problem with the performance.

    Applicable Models

    GPZ900R 84-98 17inch



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    2003 zrx1200r ohlins shocks

    19 Jul 2023


    The best investment ever for my bike. It really transformed it. Perfect fit. It includes everything you need for a proper installation. Adjustment is required to your weight and riding style. View detail

    ninja250 ohlinsSuspension installed

    18 Jul 2023
    I had a hard time deciding which one to choose because of the cost, but the Motorcycle shop recommended me to go with OHLINS. After installation, the ride was good and comfortable. View detail

    Best of the Best Rear Shock Absorber for the Grom

    04 Jun 2023


    About quality and texture: I am happy with the quality of the rear shock absorber from Ohins, only the best materials used and surface finishes obtained as you would expect for the price. Almost exclusively made from aluminium to keep the weight down and anodised for durability. About the feeling of use: The look of this rear shock absorber fitted to the Grom is sensational and the feel from the rear end while riding is like a completely different motorcycle now, with the ability to adjust pre-load, rebound and compression the adjustments are endless. Products to buy together: The Ohlins fork insert kit would also be desirable to purchase along side their rear shock absorber but sadly is not currently available here on Webike so would need to be purchased elsewhere. Difficulty of installation: The process to install takes about an hour, only 2 bolts holding it in place, I removed the rear hugger, seat and rear plastics then supported the rear of the motorcyce with an A frame and strap. A little difficult to do. Cost performance and comparison with other products: An extremely expensive option for a rear shock absorber for the Grom but if you have the money to spare you will not be disappointed. Any aftermarket rear shock absorber will be better then the Honda one and the options available from YSS should be looked at if your budget is limited. About shipping and packaging: Sea frieght is my preferred method of shipping due to the lower cost and it is fantastic that it has returned as an option once again so I can put my money toward parts and not high shipping costs. Webike kept me updated on the status of my order up to when it shipped. The parcel arrived within the expected date range and was well packaged with no chance of the part being damaged. Any concerns, cautions, or advice when purchasing: Specifically designed for the JC61 model Honda Grom so the fit and operations is perfect. View detail

    Even I, a slow learner, could tell the difference.

    28 Apr 2023
    The first thing I felt immediately after getting in the car was how comfortable it was.
    And the legs move well with the Gap on the road surface.
    Tire is grounded and secure.
    Curve can be infiltrated.
    I had the illusion that my driving had improved.
    I am glad I bought it as it was well received.
    View detail

    Another dimension.

    25 Apr 2023

    I will be replacing the Shock from SP Mukawa's Shock.
    It is a different dimension compared to that.

    It is supple, has good road surface followability, and high Control performance.
    It's perfect - it even absorbs the thrust of the Gap.

    There is a wide range of adjustment, and we like that as well.

    Installation is an easy part of the process, I think, myself,
    On the top side, I cut the plastic part of the body with a little Cutter.
    On the Under side, I replaced it with a JC61 Rear inner fender at the same time based on Net information beforehand, so there was no problem.
    View detail


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