【PMC】Stem Bearing Series KAWASAKI Type

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Display front view to compact and casual appearance. Body of emblem is luxurious chrome-plated and logo is integrated "Kawasaki" type.


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    With Plating Plating intending to tighten to a vehicle with a blurred feeling,
    I tried choosing Black as One Point.

    It is okay even if the gold price is a bit higher, so I am happy to have Black chrome.

    Is it okay with a Gold amount of about half price of Bracket sold separately?

    Oh! Because I painted Screw's head visible on the surface Black by myself
    The standard is Silver color Screw.
    To make no mistake

    It was easy to install at the company's Exclusive Bracket. However, regarding Design, I think that it was even better if Front fork breadth became whole.

    Bracket is sold separately, it does not match at all when purchasing.
    Because I changed Brake hose Color does not match
    I made a Color and Cut the Emblem angle
    Next time I hit Brake, I hit the Fork Guard.
    I want you to explain more items.
    Emblem and Bracket got us wasted around 5000 yen.
    I did not buy it..

    This Emblem is something that is essential to the former Kawasaki car. In the same year's Rider gathering it is normal for us to attach, so it will not be another topic, but I like casualness.

    Although it is completely a Dress-up parts, an impression is very different by that it is and there being nothing. attachment is very easy.Since a Stay is an option, it is cautions.

    An attachment Stay is an option although it will be an oversight of it... I will not carry out Set sale why.(a vehicle type -- is it because it comes out and form is different?) the

    thing itself is fairly smart -- coming out -- the shin.

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