【NGK】Power Cable (Plug Code)

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Quantity: 1pc.
Fuel Cap Shape: 120-degrees Type
Cable Length: 55cm


* The image is only for reference. The image shown may differ from the actual product.


*It is recommended that all plugs be replaced when changing plug cords.
The car models marked with "*" in the compatible car models column require two types of cables in addition to this product.


Achieved to hold down the resistance value to 1/10 of the general type cable.
While being ultra low resistant, it prevents the spark noise by adopting the variable pitch winding (rough & dense) structure and magnetic body ferrite core. It demonstrates excellent ignitionability and acceleration performance.
Also, the colorful light cap is extremely voltage proof, vibration proof and water proof.

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    I have received the item. Fast delivery, took 10 only to arrived to Malaysia. I have not yet try it to my SR400. The item is well wrapped with bubble wrapping. Nice seller. Tq seller

    Cavo veramente cool Di facile montaggio grazie alle istruzioni semplici,in coppia ad una candela iridium Prezzo, spedizione e tempi di consegna ok 26% di dazi doganali Really cool cable Easy to assemble thanks to simple instructions, paired with an iridium candle Price, shipping and delivery time ok 26% customs duties(translated by Google Translator)

    Since it is SEROW 250 of Carburetor Vehicles, I usually started by starting Chalk, but after changing Plug cord it will cost Engine without pulling Chalk.
    With Iridium plugs and Plug cord exchanges, SEROW over 30,000 kilometers is in good condition.

    For SEROW, the code is 3 / 4 becomes unnecessary Waterproof measure of the joint part
    I think that Coking processing is better than Vinyl Tape.

    I bought it for Dress-up purpose, so I do not know the difference in performance with OEM ...
    In my case, I can see the Plug cap, but because I've assembled it so that Plug cord can not be seen at all,
    If Plug cap is Black, it does not change from OEM looks
    Since Plug cord also has a kind of color, I think that it would be better for those who want to stick to it so that the code can be seen
    I got the installation as a single car purchase store
    I use it for ESTRELLAFinal

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