【amon】Wiring Kit (for Rear)

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Quantity: 1 Set


Full set of Items required for Wiring Amplifiers to the Luggage room.
OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) Cable is used to achieve ideal transmission with little loss..
The terminals, power fuses and high-power fuses are made of 24K Plating, which has low contact resistance and is resistant to corrosion..


Available power:DC12V 720W or less(60A)/DC24V 1440W(60A)
[Product Contents](for Rear)・High-power cable(8sq・6m)・・・1 pc・Extra Grounding cable(8sq・1m)・・・1 pc・Speaker cable(1.25sq・10m)・・・1 pc・RCA Line Cable(6m)・・・Quantity:2pc・High-power fuseholder(with Hexagon Wrench)・・・1pc. ・High-power fuse(60A)・・・1pc. Round Type Terminal(8sq-4Φ)・Red・Black each Quantity:1 Set-Round Type Terminal(8sqΦ8)・Red・Black each Quantity:1 Set-U type terminal(1.25sq-4Φ)... Red and Black each Quantity:2 Set-Speaker terminal (1.25sq-S)...Quantity:2pc. Set-Speaker terminal(1.25sq-M) ・・・Quantity:2pc. Set-Remote wire(075sq/6m/Bullet Terminal with U type terminal)・・・ 1 pc
Quantity:1 Set


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