【K-CON】Aluminum Spacer Collar for M8

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for M8 Screw
Inner Diameter: Φ8.2
Quantity: 1pc.


*Information from the manufacturer.

convenient spacer !!

Φ8/1pc size=a:13 b:3

■universal chamfered spacer.
■aluminum a2017 (17s)


A versatile spacer collar with chamfered edges..
Each of them can be used as an M8 bolt-applicable collar..

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    If it says from [[in play part 2]] conclusion, the products here will be the highest products in general!!
    The aluminum spacer collar here is inside diameter:phi8.2mm. Outside diameter: phi20mm Height: It becomes a 30-mm product.
    If existence of Webike is not known Didn't it meet with the aluminum spacer collar made from a kitaco, and the vivid bolt?,
    By Webike, customization filled to originality and creativity can be performed, and it is a delightful limitation!! An attached image,
    The muffler made from p's supply is treated to the address V125, and it is a chamber protector made from burial. (tune by a moriwaki sticker and #OS800-30000-41!!) In order to equip,
    They are contents which use the aluminum spacer collar made from a kitaco and vivid bolt which are the products chosen as the end of deliberation.
    The spacer collar made from a product chamber protector made from burial 竊?kitaco.
    (#0900-093-00060, inside diameter phi8.2mm, outside-diameter phi20mm, and 30 mm in height) The engine side of the product muffler made from product muffler made from 竊?p's supply attached aluminum billet plate 竊?p's supply attached M8 aluminum-collar (outside-diameter phi20 mm and, and 14 mm in height) 竊?address V125.
    A muffler mount and M8 female-screw partial we the bolt used of this customization,
    - vivid bolt made from a kitaco of M8x100 (#0900-080-0015) was chosen!! [ -- [refer to [ the in play part 1 ]] ], if two or more sets of the addresses V125 which drive the inside of a town are seen,
    It seems that its respectively different customization was given and each loves the address V125 colored with personality.
    Moreover, is conversion of a muffler mentioned the common feature of customization of the address V125?
    If it equips with the chamber protector made from burial, how is it as a protector to the replace muffler which you chose (the outside diameter of a white duracon resin part is phi36mm.)?
    The size of the sticker of a moriwaki is about 56 mm.
    Since the outer circumference of a duracon part is about 113 mm, the sticker of a moriwaki is a size like the semicircle.
    it is just a sticker tune of a just size!! Replace muffler of the address V125 which we incidentally cannot but praise, steiner muffler made from p's supply it is -- TSU!!

    It is perfect!!

    Although it is the same as Title it is the Step Plate to make Rear Sets 10 mm outside
    I attached it during Frame.
    Evaluation is common as Size of this hand is almost determined.

    Quantity as a Spacer for Bracket on Handlebar Post : 2pc. It is a purchase of eyes eye. In order to secure the distance to Meter when installing LED Monitor on the new Handlebar Post this time, this KITACOConvenience Parts K-CON : I purchased Exclusive Aluminum Spacer for M8 Screw. KITACOConveniencePartsK-CON is rich in variety and handy

    I used it for position adjustment of oversea made Exhaust System. KICK interference, footpeg interference etc.. Yes, Large Ideal for adjustment in units of a few millimeters. These parts are saved for Large change.

    Size which is not put too much in the shop is also saved because there is stock in Wa Big.
    Since the goods themselves are ordinary Aluminum Collar, there is no problem in using anything. It is truly KITACO's..

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