【KITACO】Full Exhaust System Gasket (1 Set Of 2pcs.)

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Price: ฿208
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Applicable Models:

MTX50/R All models used X1

MB50 All models used X1

LEAD125 All years (2-stroke models) JF01 Number of uses X1

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Type :XH-04
This product contains 2 gaskets.


*Some of them are for silencer or exhaust pipe middle joint, so please check the suitable models.
*The product and conformity are as of October, 2012.
*Please refer to the Kitaco All Catalogue when checking fitment.
*The image is for reference only.


Necessities for muffler replacement and maintenance!
The muffler gasket is a non-reusable consumable part that is crushed after one use.
If reused, exhaust leakage may occur and the original performance may not be demonstrated.
It is recommended to replace the gasket with a new one when removing and installing the muffler.
A wide variety of products compatible with four domestic manufacturers!
The set is sold at a reasonable price!


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    It is somewhat cheaper than other products, and I think especially that they are satisfactory good goods also to use.

    As expected - Kitaco quality items. Fit perfectly on a Honda Today 2006 AF61. Two identical metal rings were included, so I got a spare!

    I purchased it because I replace Exhaust pipe.
    We have used all this up to now in exhaust pipe replacement.
    If possible, finish SIDE the same as OEM "Zara" And if you make me feel it
    it's the best.

    We exchanged for Manifold replacement. It fits tightly and there is no Wobble, either..
    In exchange, it was hard to get out of what I was attaching rather than putting on..
    The thing that was exchanged was quite deformed, so it was a correct answer after exchanging.

    I used it in exchange of Honda CROSSCUB 110 JA 45 Exhaust System.
    It is a good Gasket which uses other car models but has no problem.
    If it is a single cylinder of SmallEngine Displacement Volume, Quantity : 2pc. Since Set is not necessary, Quantity : 1pc. I think that it may be good.

    Manufacturer compatibility table is listed so that it can be attached to the TLM 200, but in fact the diameter did not fit and it could not be installed.
    Also, the extension is short, it can not attach to the TLM of the inserting type tightly, it can not fulfill the function of Gasket.

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