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  • Product: Pipe Work Front Fender

Product: Pipe Work Front Fender

    If you increase the Tire the appearance will be better. I do not quite understand the role as Stubby.
    Currently Fender is removed and only Pipe is gathered together as it is GOOD!
    Installation is easy.

    If the price is a bit cheaper ...

    Since foil was changed into 19 inches and the rim had been made thick, a Normal fender stops having attached and it purchased. Since it is the structure hung from the
    Stabilizer, the Tire with the height of K180 is also fitted.
    However, the splash of the rain which is the purpose of an original Fender is not stopped, but it thinks if exchange has an about 60-cm Fender.
    -- although it does not matter since he will think that it does not ride if it rains well -- a Long touring -- also meeting -- since it does not go, I need your help by all means.

    The fender with which TR which made the fire stone wear can be equipped thinks that there is only this except a one-off.
    The touch with which it equipped is quite smart, has a vintage atmosphere, and is recommendation.
    Although merely written also to explanation, since the front tire had to be removed for wearing, the point which cannot be done by itself, and the point which is hard to fix firmly when stay and a fender are fixed worried the amateur.
    Kana which cannot take out a center easily, either ...
    I want you to put the mark of a center from now on.
    Even if it merely deducted it, individually, this design was favorite and took to TR increasingly!!

    the custom parts of SR were only 18 inch-wheel vehicles after the foundations 88! however -- !. The smart front fender which can be used at least 19 inches at last was able to be encountered.
    Pipe work is an excellent piece which combines rigidity and a fine sight.
    Although the price is slightly high when a main part considers FRP.
    But it is good.
    It is pleasing.
    It is whether although the black gel of FRP has two or more place bald at the time of purchase and I had returned-goods exchange carried out in fact, since the result corresponded, the degree of favorable impression is conversely high.