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  • Product: YOSHIMURA Original Aluminum Funnel for TM-MJN22/24/26

Product: YOSHIMURA Original Aluminum Funnel for TM-MJN22/24/26

    It is an established reputation! It is recommended at a yoshimura lover.

    It purchased to the dress-up up.
    Since it is a funnel, bad one consents to the engine, but this smartness will not be thrown away once it memorizes.

    It was used until now at TM-MJN24 carburetor of the yoshimura, having attached the 43-mm power filter of the kitaco to the engine of the ape which constructed the 115-cc ultra SE head.
    Although there was not necessarily dissatisfaction in Power, since he was interested in funnel specification, it was used having attached this time.
    Attachment is simplicity and one screw very much.
    Although bolt-on [ of the setting ] was carried out without carrying out and it rode, Power goes up funnel specification too.
    It has felt clearly.
    liking to return to filter use, and being lost to it, if this Power is tasted, but worrying about the damage to an engine -- here -- only when saying, he is trying to use it
    Although it is better to re-arrange jets if it says strictly, fairly rough setting will also be able to run MJN of a yoshimura so so.
    Quality was also beautiful at polish finishing and the degree of satisfaction also raised it custom.
    A direct carburetor is good.
    Although a suction noise becomes annoying, considering upgrading, he is likely to get hooked.