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  • Product: Racing Floor Mat

Product: Racing Floor Mat

    I ordered it in July 2017 and arrived in February 2018. I forgot that I bought it (^_^;). I bought two pieces.
    The dissatisfaction point is that the length of 2 sheets is 2-3 cm different. It is cheaper to purchase from YOSHIMURA Homepage (I noticed it after purchasing webike)
    Since I bought it with an emphasis on appearance, I will assume it is okay.

    It is cool.
    This alone, Garage will be the atmosphere of WorksPit.

    In the middle of January, when I found it in Homepage of YOSHIMURA, it is already after the reservation deadline.
    If you come to webike, although delivery date is undecided but if you do not get in touch I will order it for the time being. After a while, I received it in early February.
    It seems that wibike got hit by thinking that I thought that inventory is not reserved.
    When I arrive wibike stock 1 pc left. So it seems that more than one was inventory.

    At first there was a habit which was rounded and packed, and laying was Large strange (The wrinkles in the photo are due to that) After a while you will be familiar and you will have no problem.
    I can put a tool at the time of maintenance of the Motorcycle, and even if Screw falls anything, it will not hit it anyway.

    After all, seeing a certain Motorcycle in Garage, the coolness is a perfect score.
    The performance of Motorcycle does not rise, but the atmosphere is important.

    Although there are other HRCs, I think that it is a correct answer to YOSHIMURA which is likely to be used in addition to Honda's Motorcycle, Design is also excellent.

    In addition, I also purchased a Small Size MultiFloor mat, but I put it as a Desk mat on the desk of the study. Optical Mouth also moves, which is surprisingly useful.