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  • Product: Fender Eliminator Kit EDGE

Product: Fender Eliminator Kit EDGE

    I installed it in the 2018 MT 07.
    Unlike other Manufacturer products, there is no retrofit feeling.
    There is a review that Wiring will be exposed, but since it is exposed even at OEM in the first place, there is no problem at all.

    I reviewed and purchased what to use with DAEG's Fender Eliminator Kit.
    There are too few pictures of actual cars fitted with this Type, they suffer from troubles and are purchased like pillars.

    The most uneasy point is as you can see from the Manufacturer photo Large Kiss License Plate Bracket.
    Perhaps it will be at the same mounting position as OEM's Rear Fender ? ? ? When.

    A comparison photograph with NORMAL will be posted so please refer to it.

    I ? ? ? , Honesty OEMRear Fender and Large I think that there is no big difference in lark..

    ? Thinning of the butt's butt a bit.
    ? Since Large is not so different compared to OEM, is it safe for subsequent vehicles as mud when rainy weather.

    ? Number lamp, Sheer Ring is essential to the part that draws BlinkerWiring.
    ? Processing the OEM's Loading Hook and putting it in the gap with this product, the length is insufficient with the attached Bolt.
    ? To be honest, the warmth of the ass is Large and does not change.

    "Fender Eliminator Kit" Although it is written, although this product's License Plate Bracket itself plays the role of Fender exactly, there is no Refreshing feeling like other products.

    Shall I buy it? ? ? ?.

    Rather than Fender Eliminator it feels like Short fenderKit and it seems likely to be able to prevent if it is a little muddy.
    Although making is solid, assembly is somewhat troublesome, if it is done according to Instruction Manual it is not difficult but may take some time.
    We are powered by ETC from Wiring of the License light, and since it was grounded across the Connector, we installed OEMWiring in a capped state.
    It is not a problem on the product side, but I think that I should have confirmed it before purchasing.
    The thing itself is satisfactory because OEM's Nagao Fender is as neat as possible, so angle of Number and Design are calm feeling, so people who want to feel awkward are better to do other things.

    13 years installed in NINJA 1000.
    I wanted to Fender Eliminator because the long Mudguard is outdated, but I did not want to give a sense of Race ish so I chose this product.
    I am satisfied with the finish that seems to be convincing if it is said to be NORMAL.

    It is really good part. It has led light, reflect plate. It is semilar as the OEM part but it is short and led light. It is very fit to the bike and has a very cool look.

    It looks like an OEM!
    It is safe to conform to new security standards
    LED's License Plate Light is also very bright.
    Reflector also comes with nothing to buy.
    I think that it is a commodity that fits perfectly to 16 to GROM.

    New number in Heisei 33 Since it corresponded to Angle, I felt the angle of Number at first somewhat quiet, but I became not worried if I got used to it.
    As the part covering the Number is Large, I think that the Number should not be dirty.

    I liked Design with a new product of DAYTONA and purchased it. Unlike what we have done so far Bracket is also Aluminum's Cut-out, it is solid. Instead, the weight is slightly heavier than the one with weight NORMAL - - -. Since it was compatible with STD Blinker, I had to convert it to LED, so I needed some processing.

    I was concerned about the long OEMFender and I did a Fender Eliminator. I was able to install it although it took me a while even for the beginner of a super beginner.
    The effect of mudguard has diminished, but I like it very much.

    When I was suffering from various Fender Eliminators this time when I saw a new product from Mr. DAYTONA I thought it was this!

    I thought after attaching it quickly is still Compact compared to OEM!

    In addition, Large bastard puts reflector lamp under Number, but this product is on top of Number so it is unique because it does not look so much else!

    Installation is simple basic!
    The Instruction Manual is easy to understand, but the way of Wiring is omitted, but beginners calm down and if you do the Wiring of the same color as the attachment part shape, the Large is durable!

    I am satisfied very much about this product, but if it is dissatisfied, I will port Blinker from OEM's Fender but I stop the Plate stopping the Reink side of Blender, Fender's Reverse side to port it Small Because Sawa Screw is located in a narrow place where it is difficult to remove it, it is easier to lick Screw's head, so be careful!