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  • Product: Front Fender

Product: Front Fender

    Purchased as RestoreParts of CRM 250 RK. Mounting hole is not open but there is a dent indicating position. Shape and color tone are also UFORed and no problem. It is a shame disappearance that the hole is not open.

    Michelin's PilotSTREET, Grip performance is great, but it is discovered that you can jump up the moisture on the road diagonally upward.
    Therefore, such as after the rain will be muddy to the whole body.

    So I tried installing this Fender forcibly. (For the installation, we cut off the rear part at once. )
    Performance for Motocross is expected!
    There is a thicker resin than CUB's Fender, it worked well for bouncing up.

    It looks ticky "Black squid" It seems that it stuck (~_~;)

    We attached the hole by processing to expand it with File or Knife. I also chewed RubberWasher and kept the glittering. There is a feeling of Fit that is unlikely for KLX and Forme likes it. Because the price is also affordable I would like to purchase again as it becomes old.

    Since it is an old car, there were no parts already. Used also had no good things, and I was giving up. It is not an OEM Shape, but it has no discomfort. The color was also good..

    Installation was possible without problem. It may be slightly different from the OEM color, but it is OK without any problems. Since OEM is discontinued, I can not purchase, but I think that this is sufficient for substitution. I do not feel uncomfortable like the photo.

    When you're mounting the front fender for CRF250R to a CMR250AR, cutting process will be required because the rear side of the fender will interfere with the chamber.
    You can cut if off easily using a saw.
    It has awesome sharper features compared to the flat OEM which decreases wind resistance and stabilizes the vehicle when riding on highways.
    But this just might be my imagination. lol

    It exchanges and easy. Exchange can be simply done with four screw threads. It is a Front fender of the
    pure style. One article with it. [ a cheap price or ] [ inexpensive ] Or [ that some adjustments are required at the time of attachment ]. If it appears, I will feel that it is shifted for a while.

    Since it was a Motorcycle of 20 years or more ago, it was mourning over the pure Fender considerably.
    It exchanged together with [ this time ] the Rear fender. although the
    drilling process is required, since it only carries out as the mark, it comes out, and is easy on rear 以. It becomes the
    Beauty and is satisfactory.

    Those for KLX were attached to KSR110. By a short Fender like クチバシ of the Duck of the
    NORMAL, it was disagreeable that wound up on the front only by passing through a puddle, and water was poured on itself, and it attached.

    Good point Although completeness cannot be said compared with a NORMAL, it stopped using a nerve for winding up. (The more it is early, the more the quantity to wind up increases, but it is --) the
    MOTARD -- ぽく -- things.

    Bad point Although it is probably bad to use the object for KLX for KSR, don't go with a Bolt on as it is, and unless you delete right and left with a File, don't enter two Bolt holes.
    Preventing [ water or mud ] kana ー っ when it excelled to a slight degree.
    > -- since my KSR was an Ebony, it bought a Black and was right just -- since the effect as expected showed up in general, I was allowed to attach *4

    It was equipped to 96'XR250 purchased in used from the beginning. It may be a KTM orange, and it is a different orange from a red body color. It was uncomfortable, but I got used gradually and it becomes a little accent now, and I like it. I think that this fender series may be broadly effective because the general-purpose appropriation for other vehicle types. In this point, it is very good product Although it is a cheap parts, structure is also good and intensity and durability are also perfect. I have ridden hardly, but it is not damaged. The appearance does not have unfashionableness like STD, either, and it is a slim and sharp design. All the functionality over the OFF run is covered enough, and I do not have dissatisfaction, either. It is a wonderful quality in this price. It is cheap, and is easy to buy and durability is good and the appearance may play a role in the change of image from STD. It is very good product to choose a favorite color and custom.