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  • Product: Stronger Chain Lock

Product: Stronger Chain Lock

    U-shaped Lock and Quantity : I wanted Set, but because I was backordering I bought it separately.
    It is heavy and sturdy. It's not even a month since I bought it, so I locked it properly, but the heavy one is already having trouble lol
    It's good to be able to use it as a Disc Lock. In the case of Disc Lock, people in the construction industry told us that there is no space for the tool to enter than Chain. I only carry the lock part to the destination.
    However, the Cap part of the key seems to be quickly becoming useless. Quantity with the new product Disc Lock : Set was attached with Disc Lock like an improved type where the lid part is different, but I could not wait because there was no stock.
    I can not lock the earth with Apartment, so I do not know if it makes sense but I lock it on the car Tire.

    I think that heavy Chain has an intimidating feeling and it becomes a deterrent.
    It was disappointing that I can not use BabyPadlock on hand.
    In other words, you can not make the Nanjing key unable to pass through Chain unless you set the Size of Chain at one end to Large.

    I bought it as a burglarproof for Motorcycle but it seems to be strong for the price, so it matches Baron lock
    It is safe for the time being to keep it at home. Rock Body can be used as Small Type Disc Lock than it
    I will bring myself during Touring. Because it is uneasy at the time of parking for a long time only with Handlebar Lock.

    【What made you decide the purchase?】
    I thought Cost aspect and Balance of reliability are good.
    There are also more sturdy, but how expensive it is.

    【How was it actually used?】
    It is heavier than expected. I think that you can be relieved.

    [Is there anything I was disappointed about?] Required
    Cover is nice, but when locking
    Slightly pull out from Cover and feel locked
    A little troublesome although not as much as labor.

    【Have you compared items?】
    - MR69 man WildeSliderChain Strong8
    - Ultra robot arm lock

    It was the shortest and the last minute I thought it was how I used it.
    I should have bought 3 m.

    Actually, it is very heavy and thick and I am surprised.
    Even when wrapping around the Tire firmly the fabric is not scratched.
    Just wrapping around Tire crime pretty, it is heavy and rolling strange to wind down Chain without dropping it down...

    In any case it's a product that increases security.

    The feeling I used is extremely Firmly and I feel secure..
    Durability is still unknown as we have just used it. I hope Rust etc does not go out.

    It looks pretty good. I also have Disk Lock on it, but the security feeling of this is Large.
    As Length is used as a loop, it becomes half, so we need to think about where to install.
    Although it is heavy as it is, there is no problem because it is thickness and TradeOff.

    I bought it for earth lock of MainMotorcycle.

    It is heavy. But if it's for earth lock it's heavy and it's enough. It is better not to carry.

    Since cloth is also wrapped around the chain, Wheel is structured to be scratch-resistant.

    There is also a higher Chain, but I think that I am enough with this.

    Because it increased, Chain was not enough so I purchased it anymore.

    Large hand Manufacturer is only saying that the quality of detail is a bit better feeling than price ... or something like.

    There are three, including Spare key, so should not disappear as long as there is nothing extra.

    1 pc out of these three can light Light,
    I do not understand the usability of this Light.
    I wonder if it is Light of Red color - - -.

    Also, as Chain itself is narrow and narrow, it can be used even in vehicles of Spoke wheel - - - maybe.

    I did not think that it was so heavy. As expected, Chain lock is pretty heavy. It is not suitable for carrying, it is for home storage.
    I think that it will also be an Appeal that is crime prevention if you only keep this.