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  • Product: MR Lockman Wilde Slider Strong Chain 8 2000mm

Product: MR Lockman Wilde Slider Strong Chain 8 2000mm

    Anyway Padlock's accuracy is too low to lock or unlock at once.
    I can not lock or unlock without inserting a key and doing it for a while. Since Chain itself has no problem in terms of strength, I feel secure, so I think that if the precision of Padlock at its best is good, I think that it is a product that can be evaluated, but it is uncertain how long it can be locked and released. Because Chain is strong, I think that it will be impossible unless you cut it with Grinder when Padlock is useless. If it seems that the system also has bad institutions, unlocking can not be unlocked, it is written as if to play.
    Whee Big should also be checked and adopted at the time of product selection?.

    I compared this with a certain Manufacturer product, but purchase this product for home bicycle parking. It is heavy due to the price. However, it is good because we can devise a method for installation.