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  • Product: QX-ring Seal Chain 520SRX2

Product: QX-ring Seal Chain 520SRX2

    For many years, it is E Ennu Chain for a long time. It is also 520 SRX 2 Series. This time I made it Silver color to prevent rust. It's price is steel color though,

    I bought it looking for a color chain at domestic Manufacturer.
    It was EKChain until now, but sticking of Piece and extreme elongation etc. I also did it because I can not trust it.
    Color also has Metallic and cheesy image and I am going mind.
    Also the price is also cheap so I think Cost performance is also good.

    EK Eganuma Chain is a pioneer of Seal chain, so you can use it with confidence.
    When purchasing Chain two years ago, I used it as a Gold chain. This time it's a bit Black in Imechen / I made Gold..
    I had some difficulty with caulking, but I managed to do something.
    I like the appearance too!

    Since rust became severe as it was torn by Encal in winter, I bought it for exchange.
    The exchange work itself is very easy and I have finished it in about 30 minutes even by myself who is usually left to Shop. Even if you are an amateur you can do anything with a tool, the Clip formula is easy and is not it. This time I bought OEM's 104L but Size was perfect and I did not need adjustment. Of course.
    After installation we went to Touring lightly, but the driving became smooth, and the abnormal sound and uncomfortable feeling at the time of acceleration disappeared and I am very satisfied.

    I attached it to the DR - Z 400SM.
    Because it is a new Chain, it is natural that the ride taste improves, but it was the advantage of the biggest Large that the appearance became Parenthesis better.
    There is also a sense of quality with Black and Gold.
    It is somehow Parenthesis good to have a hole in Plate lol

    Also, in order to maintain its appearance, Chain's cleaning and refueling seems to be frequent, so it seems that durability will also improve as a result.

    High accuracy, Friction loss less, Pin does not decrease
    It is not ashamed of the name of Brand.

    I used this even in Motorcycle before switching
    Without any problems, I did not get wavy and I got 30,000 kilos.
    Color fading is also less (Maybe it was not?) It is a good one.
    It is a purchase with trust this time as well.

    Color chain, it's really fashionable but I like it.
    I want to shine forever with high transparency rub

    OEM was also EKChain so I made it to EK. I cleaned it off if it got dirty so normal Chain was also good, but I tried it for Seal chain this time.
    You can use the system with confidence in JAPAN. Durability is to come, but it will not be extremely short - - -
    One point to worry was that Joint's Clip was hard and did not fit. I am a little anxious ...

    I thought that Silver & Gold's two-tone color would fit into SUNSTAR's RearSprocket and the price was also Reasonable so I chose EKChain and purchased it.

    The first painted Grease was cleaned beforehand with Chain cleaner before installing, but the remaining Grease scattered to the rear wheels for a while after installation.

    I ran about 600 km from the installation, but as Manufacturer says, the initial elongation of Chain is rare, so it seems that lifespan can be expected. Also pushing the Motorcycle pushed dramatically.

    Overall, I think it is a very good product.

    I did my first Chain exchange myself!
    (Although I was with a friend I was used to)
    No special tool is necessary for Screw joint
    If there is a tool that cuts off Chain, it can be exchanged in 1 hour.
    I think that it will be possible in 30 minutes from the second time!

    Because OEM's Chain can not endure harsh use and ended, he decided to purchase.
    Exchange with reputable EKChain that it is hard to grow!
    Because I heavily use Blue's Anodized parts, I tried Chain also Blue.
    I can not say anything because the performance does not change, but the appearance is pretty good !!!
    I expect a lifetime that is commensurate with the price.