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  • Product: Carbon Front Fender

Product: Carbon Front Fender

    I purchased it with reference to good evaluation of COSPA.
    Quality is satisfying with price.
    The texture of Carbon is beautiful.
    However, when I installed it, something does not work. If you look closely well FenderBody has some distortion Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) There was a difference of only a little less than Mounting Bolt of. Although wearing was possible as it was, it was not convinced, so I looked at it from the front Left Side Biting Spacer on Mounting Bolt Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Hitoshi etc. It was mounted at the height of. Result Calm down to the feeling that distortion does not matter. A person who needs Quality of OEM Product needs a little care.

    Products made by Sting R & D company are of course not only looks, but since the Gold amount of the buyer's eyes is set even among Motorcycle Parts Manufacturer who is circulating with a high price more than anything else, since Dress-up can be done without stretching up, the search ranking in the future I am thinking in 1st place. This time, I think that the purchased product is one item of Recommendation even if it looks comprehensively without the necessity of processing.

    OEM Replacement Type, but the width and mounting hole position did not match. For width it is possible to install if it is prepared for deformation, but it is safe to put a thick RubberWasher or something in the gap between Body and Fork. I am one Side 5? (Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I wrote a Rubber Seat of 1?). Even this still has some margin (>_<). As soon as you set the taking hole as it is, it gently becomes an off car Fender Since the position became high, 2 on the F side and 2 on the R side. 5? I opened the hole upwards and managed somehow normal installation. Since the original size was adjusted, the original hole on the F side can see an elliptical shape that has been scraped, but now it is one so I will refresh the lower part of the Fender side as well (T_T) It is cheap and its shape is not bad with the OEM but it can be made a bit better ~ " (-""-) "

    By saying "Other Company Product", it is clearly stated as two Nuts, but I hate direct Nut hitting Carbon fender, I removed Bracket from OEMFender and ported it perfectly to Front fork etc. etc. Despite being tightened to, the Tire clearance before and after is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Asymmetrical and immediately removed.
    I sent a wearing image and asked for a replacement but I am sorry to refuse Bassari when I can not exchange after processing.
    Material : Carbon products are prepared to individual differences, but just spreading the mounting hole in the hole of OEMBracket has no reason to cause a whirlpiece, which is not unpleasant, but I will never buy it again. Those who buy it because it is cheap are advised to check with the Manufacturer recommended way of attaching and checking if there is a whirlpool and to put in Objection.

    The OEM Fender installation part has broken and it is a replacement.
    Although it is a translation to replace OEMFender when installing, OEM will interfere with Fork when removing. And it was possible to put in this product with little interference..
    It is an impression that it is because it is thin with Carbon?.
    Also in the OEMFender there is something like Stubby made of iron, I am addicted to the mounting hole from the back.. This item has good hole position precision, it is very convenient!
    Fender Outside Material : The accuracy of the mounting hole of AluminumStubby is also naturally good, but there is a gap between Stubby and Fender. Even if you look closely at product pictures, there are gaps, so it's like this is not it!. I wanted you to be hooked as much as possible, but I guess it would be worthwhile considering the price ....
    And AluminumStubby has a hole to catch at the rear center, but Fender has no hole. Also there are no mounting holes for parts to pass through the Meter cable, so you need to open a hole if you care. I just installed it, but it seems there is no problem in use.
    Finally, there was also in other people 's impression, but when it hits the sun, parts that can be seen are seen there so much !! I became worried and painted with a matte black from the back and solved the sheer.
    There are parts to worry about, but considering this price there is no problem at all !? (Lol)

    Purchase at Cospa. Carbon twill is beautiful in the table.
    There is a place which is transparent to Madara when passing light from the back, it is transparent
    We reworked the part from behind with Paint. Without it
    Wonder if it was five stars..

    very poor quality . dimples and marks in the finished carbon face . over lapping cut marks where the mudguard had been cut for where the folks would pass through it . would advise spending a bit more money and receiving a much better quality item . very cheaply made mudguard but yet wasn\'t cheap to buy .

    [ -- the WEBIKE Monitor ]
    -- since it was cheap -- purchase. A Carbon eye is beautiful. Of course, it is light.
    The bad point of processing of two and a Bolt hole is coarse. -- If it attaches, it is not just going to be visible. Another is touch that a Fender is pulled, when the width of the Fender bolts up the Bolt more narrowly pure at the time of attachment. Intensity is [ whether it is OK and ] an uneasy place. Since it is the design only for a vehicle type, an improvement is expected.

    Really nice looking product, well finished and fit nicely, Delivered quicker than products ordered within Australia Thanks Highly recommended

    Compared with a NORMAL, it is as a Title. It is light! Lightness unique to a Carbon. Attachment is easy. Although a NORMAL is desorption trouble with two piece, it is an integral type here. Attachment is two points at a time in outside. A light weight is carried out at least by four Screws. And he is smart! Since a Carbon design is not too tight, either, it is nonchalant touch like a Carbon. I gaze at the strength durability around a screw hole which was a weak point of the NORMAL from now on.