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  • Product: T5 Wedge 12V LED Bulb

Product: T5 Wedge 12V LED Bulb

    The image is made of Mukawa's White meter as Blue LED. There is little color unevenness and it glows beautifully.

    Brightness is also sufficient and the price is cheap, so I want to try other colors as well.

    I would recommend it..

    I exchanged the Mukawa Speedometer sphere with a White color ball.
    I think that Meter was good to see and exchange.
    Color is out of several colors, and the price is also cheap, so I think that you can exchange again if you get bored.
    I thought it was good to purchase several colors from the beginning.

    I purchased it with D TypeBlackMeter. I chose Blue but can choose Color from 5 colors Can not it be a good product for Imechen?

    Since a Meter ball is dark and it was hard to see, it exchanged. If even a Meter can be removed although it seemed that three places, a Speed meter, a tachometer, and a fuel gauge, were exchanged in
    XJR, it can exchange with, without suffering troubles so much.
    Although it was comment to exchange, it became bright and became legible as expected.
    Operation of night is also likely to become pleasant now.

    At the time of Speedometer exchange, it exchanged together. Since the Tachometer attached independently was bright at LED, the Speedometer was also set to LED from the electric lamp. Since night is also legible, it is good.

    [a Webike Monitor] --
    > -- it is LED truly! Compared with the
    electric lamp, it does not become a thing! Since light is emitted without
    unevenness, a Meter is very legible. he
    buys it -- it is valuable.