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  • Product: LK-111 Square Chain Pad Lock

Product: LK-111 Square Chain Pad Lock

    From the spring of 2013 to the spring of 2018, the winter period (5 months) Since it is deposited in the store, it is used outdoors for seven months a year.

    Red cloth which is covering the chain as written by other people is not durable and it is the third year since we began breaking in the following year (About 15 months in actual use?) It became naked. Although there is no influence on the locking performance, Wheel rubbing the chain rubbing against Engine Guard and Wound arrives.

    There was a gap at the upper and lower joints in the third year around, and in the U-shaped Gold genus Plating started balding and rust came out. The movement of locking and unlocking became awkward in the fourth year, (About 35 months in actual use) It is now becoming hard to lock and unlock.

    If it is possible to ride Motorcycle throughout the year it is a calculation that will need to be replaced in 3 years, but I think that Cost performance is not bad at this price with a solid construction.

    I bought it because it felt somewhere that chain system was harder to cut than Wire system.

    Cospa is nice if heavy chain and key are heavy set at this price. The key is
    If Size matches, it becomes Disk Lock with Single Body, and you can not carry a chain, too.
    Conversely, there is a limit to using with the key Single Body, it is heavy to carry the chain and it is short to use at home etc..
    If only the environment to use is satisfied with this one, it can be unnecessary for those who do not fit.
    Before buying, I think that it is better to think carefully how to use it in what environment.

    Approximately 9 months after purchase, outdoors. The Cover covering the Chain has deteriorated and the Cover got a hole so that it collapsed. Contact Manufacturer, too, Spec. And that. Those who use it outdoors.

    Touring We are getting active in prevention of theft at the destination.
    Thanks to the Large different Ring, if you can successfully put the Motorcycle it is an excellent one that can also protect your friends' Motorcycle from Earth Lock.

    It purchased for theft prevention.Since he planned to have twined around the metal fence of the parking lot for bicycles, I thought that it was uneasy with whether a 120 cm [ in overall length ] Chain is sufficient before purchase.It was calmly sufficient, when the Tire was stuck and it stopped, although it was
    .Since what the Chain has become must remove a fiber Cover, a check is impossible, but it is thought that trust is fully deserved, considering the weightiness.

    As a Point of other subjective evaluations, with the die length [ that it is long ] of the Chain which it does not elapse and is not too short, when it entwined on a fence, it became a form where it floated in the air again.
    This expects that it becomes difficult to carry out destruction by a tool.

    Although it still begins to use and is just going to call it two weeks, it is thought that it has fully played the role.