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  • Product: Bikini Cowl Bolt 8mm

Product: Bikini Cowl Bolt 8mm

    Installation of Bikini cowl is installed using Bolt connecting Headlight and Bracket
    To secure it firmly from the outside, it is difficult to use this Bolt.
    With this, it will be securely attached.
    I think the price is a bit expensive.

    I bought the 130 Pie Bikini cowl of the company, I purchased it 8 mm Meter
    By the way, APE is Bolt, NORMAL 's Bolt use, the photo is taken, the attached
    Washer wore it without using it

    Bolts are examined in a Home center, and it is early positively, and is easy and I think that it is certain rather than attaching by oneself.

    It purchased in order to attach the general-purpose Bikini cowl of the company. It was not attached to the
    APE 50 in the ordinary way of attaching. Even if it did not attach a Washer with wide
    > width, since a Bikini cowl did not enter, direction of the
    Bolt was made reverse and attached forcibly.

    It purchases for Bikini-cowl wearing. The handiness which can equip with a Bikini cowl by exchange with

    Headlight fixed Bolt is dramatically good.

    It was Spacer needlessness when attaching the company's Bikini cowl to a HORNET250 incidentally.

    I think that troubles were considerably suffered when not purchasing this Bolt.
    It can attach, even if it does not suit a Motorcycle somewhat, since it can do if it is a little adjustments.

    It was used when equipping with the company's Bikini cowl. When saying from the
    conclusion, since it was unprocessed and equipped, there was no problem. The Size of
    , however a special shape portion was somewhat large, and unless it extended the Bikini cowl right and left, it was not able to equip. although it is conscientious since the Parts which the mind of the
    rubber washer etc. heard was a Set -- as comment -- honesty -- it is delicate. It is used being businesslike in since it is
    general-purpose article now.

    An attached Washer can also adjust the difference among some width which this finds useful in general-purpose Bikini-cowl attachment, and it carries out it to it by attachment simply.

    It is used at the time of the company's bikini cowl attachment of a [Webike-monitor] photograph.
    The washer, the rubber for vibration proof, etc. are a set at a nice condition, and it was not troubled by attachment.
    I think that they are the good contents of a set in which a hand reaches an itchy place.