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  • Product: Painless Shift Pedal Rubber

Product: Painless Shift Pedal Rubber

    I installed it in SEA BASSEPO.When it got warmer I got a Mesh handle Shoes so I got a lot of legs hurting when I scooped GEAR.If you tricking while driving and you can not concentrate on driving , Even if it is deceived, it purchased it well.
    When installing, ShiftRubber which has arrived so far was degraded and it was Large strange, but after that incorporate Spot and tighten it with Tie Wrap it is finished.
    In a word, Position changes a bit, but it does not matter at all compared to that pain.

    I do not understand why motorcycle manufacturers do not pay attention to the gear shift rubber so it doesn't destroy shoes. When I eventually damaged my favourite Nike because of the stock rubber, I couldn't stand it any longer so I searched for a solution and found this product. It is easy to install once you know the technique. Soak this rubber in hot water for a few minutes and it will slide in easily. Since changing, I no longer notice any damage to the shoes. Maybe very minimal. But for sure, way less than the stock one.

    It is attached to CB 400 SB NC 42. Since OEM's Rubber can not be removed, I cut it with Cutter. It is longer than OEM so I cut it a bit but there is no problem. Impression after installation is a word of wonderful. My car has a time when it is difficult for 5th speed and 6th gear to enter, but I join ScauperScauper. You can enter without fail even if you do not put pressure on it. Besides, the instep of the foot does not hurt and is the best. However, although it is presumed that life expectancy is definitely shorter than OEM, it is super satisfied even if it deducts it.

    It looks not so good, but it is a wonderful item in terms of functionality. Thanks to the fact that the force hitting the foot during SHIFT UP is dispersed, it can be driven in a state with little pain, and it will lead to safe driving as it will not have to be taken care of.

    This year the opportunity to go to Touring is likely to increase. I used it for Motorcycle which I used to ride, so I reattached it.
    After all, with and without existence, the feeling is completely different!
    I can also reduce the bruise of the shoes, I am glad that I miss this feeling for a long time.
    I should have put it on earlier.

    XJ6 Diversion is hard because Shift Pedal
    I could only wear shoes with Shift pad,
    With this attached, Sneakers could easily do SHIFT up.

    At first it is puzzled by the difference in sensation but it is comfortable if you get used to it.
    Just because PedalRubber got louder
    It does not interfere with Shift operation.

    Together with the effect of dirt prevention Teflon sheet
    Shoe choices have become much wider.
    For those who want to improve the city ride with Manual car
    I'd like you to enjoy fashion and comfort by all means.

    Character reason is not painful.
    It is resolved that it hurts when it is an OEM when SHIFT UP.
    Although I do not understand much that shoes are hard to get dirty, I usually drive with shoes for Motorcycle, but sometimes I drive with Sneakers and athletic shoes, but still I am very happy to get on without discomfort. Cost is also cheap and good.
    I would like to attach to my wife's CB 400.
    It is unfortunate that it is unfortunate, but the shipping fee was more expensive than the goods.

    I bought it before.
    I bought it this time for the second time as it got damaged.

    Easy installation.
    Prevent shoes badly.

    Durability was about 1 year in my case.

    The price is not high.

    I would recommend it..

    I purchased Repeat since I bought it three years ago.
    The current thing is 7,000 km in 3 years, the upper Horizontal Type part is exhausted and it is about half the height.
    Since the attached dirt prevention Seal was also peeled from the edge at around 4,000 km, now I am using the second piece.
    After installation, the area hitting Shift Pedal's shoes becomes wider, so even with frequent SHIFT UP, you can avoid Damage to your shoes and avoid pain in your foot, so I will repeat it while watching the condition of consumption.

    My Motorcycle has Reear Sets of COERCE, but I bought it because it hurts a bit when Shift change.
    Installation was easy, but as expected it was Pedal of the other company product so we installed and installed a hole with a large hole.
    Large I thought it was difficult to get some feet slightly with Large texture, but the pain was alleviated.
    When I went to Touring at Sneakers, I wanted Boots because Sneakers was worn out.