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  • Product: [Special Price Item] VX Series Joint Link 530VX

Product: [Special Price Item] VX Series Joint Link 530VX

    It is almost nothing to buy with Single Item, but when you do Crimp work by yourself, I will Recommendation to make sure to cut two for yourself.

    If you do not use it, if you have the same Motorcycle, the opportunity to use will come again, and if you have it as Spare, there is no loss.

    Like yourself, you can avoid Crimp work, failing to have Spare, and not going out (Tears)

    Buy for driving system renewal.

    There are no problems with regard to the product, but we recommend Recommendation that you are sure to purchase two of those who do Crimp work for the first time.
    When a mistake in work is discovered during work of Crimp, Quantity : 2pc. You can deal with it if it's set Self-control

    Let's be careful not to strongly crimp everyone (Tears)