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  • Product: Fender Eliminator Kit

Product: Fender Eliminator Kit

    Since a daily maintenance raw material is offered, chocolate chocolate shopping is carried out.

    It was felt refreshed!

    I was able to clarify the slamming Rear Fender. I was able to wear it without trouble in about 30 minutes according to Instruction Manual. After a little cheaper it is 100 points,

    There is also a handling Instruction Manual, which is easy to understand, but some parts diagrams are different from real ones
    There was something I thought. (There is no problem with installation)
    Just remove OEM's Rear Fender and attach Body with Bolt,
    Temporarily tighten all Screws, then push the Body as far forward as possible
    It's okay to fasten it.. Otherwise, stop 2 RearCover 2 holes in Pitch
    I think that it will be a little gapped.

    Using the model Honda cb4000sf 13', influenced by Japanese JDM enthusiasts, modified this DAYTONA Fender Eliminator Kit, the shape is better than OEM Eliminator!

    no problem. Appearance Refreshing, surprised by the weight of OEM Product at replacement. It's been over a year, but without any problems. Cost performance is also good.

    NORMAL Flasher use, License light comes with pretty bright LED, Reflector is also attached, so this Quantity : Refreshing Tail assembled by Set only.
    The only troublesome thing is the Wiring connection of the License light. Kit has an interrupt Tap, but because I did not want to scratch the normal harness, I mounted Male's Bullet Terminal and wired it.
    With this method, you can access all the work sites by removing the Tandem seat.

    Since a daily maintenance raw material is offered, chocolate chocolate shopping is carried out.

    roughly a weeks shipping over to Aus. Instructions in Japanese so had to install via diagram. Not ideal as does not show you sequence and if you do not follow step by step you end up having to unscrew and rescrew to successfully install. Anyway got there in the end and it does look great. Allows you to reinstall your number plate light, however angle of license plate means the light is not as effective as previously. Good product, albeit fiddly to install yourself.

    I decided at the price after a while I got lost! I am satisfied with making the distinct attention to detail. Although it was hard to install somewhat, finished it is Large satisfied with SMART back behind NORMAL