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  • Product: 12WAY Attachment (for Φ26/ULTRA-SE Equipped Vehicle)

Product: 12WAY Attachment (for Φ26/ULTRA-SE Equipped Vehicle)

    I purchased Multi Manifold in Mukawa before.. The purpose was to let Carburetor escape by attaching Catch tank.
    However, Mukawa's MultiManifold had drawbacks. It says that it corresponds to VM 26, but when installed, the angle of carburetor itself becomes considerably tight. With this, the Float room became oblique considerably, and it became difficult to drive. Makefu MultiManifold is facing diagonally upward with the insulator. This is the cause.
    Hurriedly, I thought of another plan and bought this product of KITACO. The inside diameter was also dragged with φ 26 (Why is Mukawa ___ 24 on HeadIN side) In one doubt, it was whether it corresponds to Mukawa's Head. I was concerned about interference. After reaching and applying, it was still impossible to install by interfering.
    For that reason, we succeeded in Cutting and installing the interference part.
    However, when Manifold of Mukawa river Combo kit is used, since the thickness is increased by Spacer 10 mm, the Wire on the carburetor interferes with the bottom of the tank and it becomes quite tight.
    Although we managed something about by handling, the gap between Wire and Tank was originally marginal, so I do not care much about it. If you can open Axel and move to Smooth there is no problem.
    Unlike MultiManifold of Mukawa river too, the angle of Carburetor at the time of installation is loose.
    I think that Float has approached the ideal as much as possible.
    Although processing is necessary, since I am cheaper than Multi Manifold of Mukawa river, I think that it is better to try this first, if it is useless to buy Mukawa ___ ___ 0.

    It is an adapters in which angle change is cheaply possible.
    Since regulation is possible for a favorite angle, I think that it is good for a dress-up up.

    The adapters in which angle change is cheap and possible.
    Its KSR has also been equipped by small processing.
    Thereby, the yoshimura inlet manifold +TM MJN carburetor has been set.
    Although there is also an inlet manifold which can change an angle free, this one will be OTOKU if appropriation is aimed at cheaply.