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  • Product: NY Chain & EV4 Disc 1210

Product: NY Chain & EV4 Disc 1210

    When parking the Motorcycle, since he does not want to be stolen because he skimped on Locke, a price is purchased a little, although stretched.

    Baking entered this much truly and I thought -- which does not go out unless it carries out also with a power tool in case of a thick Chain. Although it is inconvenient for there to be also
    weight and to carry it, to a part to use at home, it is satisfactory.
    > die length and also acting to a fixed thing as Locke, since it is so so -- easily .

    The only dissatisfaction is that the Chain is not covered thoroughly. Although
    U character Locke also turns into a Disk lock, there is a possibility of damaging a Wheel in the part which the Chain has exposed. Although the Casting wheel of
    white system is good, cautions are required when equipping the Casting wheel of black or variety entertainments.

    It is although I did not dress for the exposed portion but the Tape was rolled. --

    It is slightly expensive although it is a kryptonite famous for a chain.
    This product can be used also as a disk lock also as a chain lock.
    To be sure, as for a chain, although the chain cutter of marketing by hard is unlikely to go out considerably, it is slightly painful that it is too expensive too.
    Since it is an engine-performance

    In order that there may be no garage, it uses for the outdoor steel pole and earth Locke.
    I feel that it uses and is different positively in others being cheap.
    On the way, although it became empty without were too heavy and being able to carry, since the disk lock had also become a set, the chain was good.
    It was dissatisfaction that the pressure sensitive adhesive tape currently attached to the cover of the chain became immediately weak for a while.