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  • Product: Rotor Bolt (Stainless Steel)

Product: Rotor Bolt (Stainless Steel)

    Even though others have already been written. Hexagon seems to be licking even if I use Torque wrench and tighten with Torque prescribed.
    It is true also with pure Normal Thread Screw, but this hex of Bolt is not a deep hole, so it may be easy to lick.
    Considering things at the time of removal, too much attention is given to Screw lock.
    If you are worried you might as well buy Steel from OEM Product.
    It looks like GOOD because it is hard for Rust to look.

    I was surprised to find out the price of OEM Product, I understood that this Stainless Steel is cheaper, I bought this ... ...
    Hexagon's accuracy is very suspicious!
    When prescribed Torque is applied, it seems that it does not eat firmly and a step mark remains.
    It will be low accuracy & soft material.
    This can not be reused.

    List price 221 yen (tax included) As of November 2015.

    ★ This Stainless bolt
    Actual unit price 260 yen (tax included)

    Price is not so different, so here is my recommendation.
    Because it is a combination of Stainless Steel and Aluminum
    You better notice Overtorque.
    Because it is a shallow HexagonalBolt!

    I did not use it, but it would be good to tighten it with 20 Nm in combination with a Screw stopper.

    Rustor bolt rust in Restore and exchange.
    If your feet are beautiful, you will see it shrinking as a whole.
    However, if you tighten a little more than the prescribed Torque, it will likely be licking.
    Screw lock so it will not be a problem if you tighten with the prescribed Torque.
    Although the price is a little expensive, I think whether to replace it after about 2 times use.

    Various for Stainless Steel etc. There is a grade and it is not known how much this is the material, but if you tighten it with the prescribed Torque's 23 Nm, the Screw hole never collapsed.

    Polished and it is beautiful.

    By the way, Stainless Steel is not a material that does not rust, it is a rust resistant Material so it will be damaged if it remains dirty.

    Some people recycle the previous Bolt as it is, but I think that it is better to maintain precision instead of a new one for safety. Of course I also painted Screw lock.

    MONKEY's Bolt licked so I exchanged.

    OEM (NSR50) SteelBolt is very soft,
    By tightening with Torque prescribed, the part of Hexagonal becomes loose in several times.
    But even if I used it without exchange, I had licked it perfectly.

    For Stainless Steel I thought that Large would be tough,
    It will become somewhat loose if you tighten with Torque prescribed about 3 times.
    MONKEY (Diversion of NSR 50) When repairing Front such as Tire exchange and Pad exchange,
    If you do not remove Rotor Caliper - Wheel can not be removed.

    At the beginning Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. Although I bought it, since I ran out of it frequently when I customized it,
    Daring 10 pcs. I bought a set.

    Stainless Steel But because it is not hard,
    Have some spares and early exchange is the Recommendation.

    Three highs for material for less than expected + __.

    It has ridden on XZR250 and a Manufacturer original manufacturer's product is in a missing item state. Although he was worried whether it can equip in
    external article, it stuck satisfactorily.
    Since it is a Stainless bolt further, there must be durability more than an original manufacturer's product.

    [Webike Monitor] Since the attachment Bolt of the
    Rotor rusted and even the DISC was dirty, the product made from a Stainless was used at the time of reapplying a Wheel. although
    appearance is good, the hole of the hexagon head which inserts a tool is pure -- since it is shallower, shortly after applying a Torque, a deep pool will rise. It is better to prepare the
    Torque wrench and a screw-thread Locke agent. since specification for which
    re-use is improper is carried out to the Package -- two or more times -- attaching -- removing -- special attention is required.

    [Webike Monitor] It is
    Type 2 Bandit1200 It was used for 06.
    Since that was likely to become regretting even if the DISC with sufficient appearance was attached with much trouble, since appearance was not quite satisfactory, a pure Bolt is purchased.

    Although it is small parts, it is different more than it considered. Safe, since it is the
    STAINLESS STEEL and does not rust. What was necessary was just to have used from the time of a

    pure DISC.